Gentlemen’s Review – Burberry – Mr. Burberry

Mr BurberryThe month of June is but a few days away, and now is as good as time as any to contemplate what type of Father’s Day gift would be great for that special gentleman. Today, up for review, is the latest offering from Burberry – Mr. Burberry. Introduced in April 2016, Mr. Burberry is the gentleman’s alternative to My Burberry. Touted as sophisticated and contemporary, Mr. Burberry is the creation of a collaborative effort between Chief Creative & Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey and perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Moody and dark with a prominent presence of wood and spice, the custom monogramming is an elegant finishing touch to complete the package. Now, let’s dive into the details


Top notes: Tarragon, Grapefruit, Cardamom

Middle Notes: Cedar, Birch Leaf, Nutmeg

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Vetiver

  • The introductory period with Mr. Burberry is a promising affair, sweet notes of grapefruit tempered by hints of nuanced bitter ones. Soon, the sweetness prevails, albeit briefly, before Mr. Burberry settles into an earthy feel that extends from the heart to the base. My sole complaint: I wish the top note lasted a little longer. This scent is properly suited for evening events.
  • Mr. Burberry can be characterized as earnest and brooding. Composed mostly of wood and spice, this is a serious fragrance suited for the professional gentleman. It does not project very far, however, it does display a concentrated intensity within a short-range. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to be influenced by the seemingly inhibited nature because it can pack a punch if applied liberally. You’ll overwhelm yourself and your immediate company.
  • The warm dry-down enjoys an extended longevity; the woody base will not abandon a gentleman for sure. The ending could benefit from the addition of a citrus or flower companion to contribute a bright contrast to the moody finale, but some gentlemen may be fine with how Mr. Burberry concludes.
  • The presentation is clean and elegant, drawing inspiration from the iconic black Burberry trench coat. Housed in blackish-grey, dense glass; Mr. Burberry is topped off (literally) by a weighted cap in reference to horn-look buttons and a hand-knotted sliver of black gabardine around the throat. It really is a handsome bottle to present on Father’s Day.
  • Mr. Burberry 30 ml ($55), 50 ml($68), 100 ml ($88), 150 ml ($115) – complimentary monogramming up to three initials at and select Burberry stores.
  • Available at Burberry, Nordstrom, Sephora, and other fine men’s department stores.
Gentlemen’s Standard Approved
Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. Item was purchased for personal use. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience.

Review – Vince Camuto – Eterno

Vince Camuto EternoAside from a few intermittent episodes of cool temperatures as a coy reminder of winter, spring has stubbornly arrived, and a gentleman can start considering a fresh, new fragrance to welcome the season in properly. Combined with Father’s Day – fast approaching – it is certainly the perfect time for a gentleman to perform an inventory of his cologne stock and afford thoughtful deliberation regarding such an acquisition. Well, The Gentlemen’s Standard is here to assuage any worrisome, moral dilemmas one may encounter – a gentleman’s scent is serious business. Collaborating again with our friends representing Vince Camuto; its newest offering Eterno is the fourth Camuto fragrance to be offered since 2012. Past encounters with Vince Camuto fragrances have been pleasant, so the promise of sampling another beautiful fragrance is great. Now let’s see if Eterno continues the tradition.


Top Notes: Citrus, Mint

Middle Notes: Cedar Wood, Patchouli

Base Notes: Saffron, Bourbon

  • Vince Camuto Eterno commences with a warm open that exhibits remarkable restraint during its introduction. Subdued traces of citrus and mint are light and springy with an even temperament that does not overwhelm the senses.
  • The middle and base notes are deep with a strong woodsy flavor with mellow hints of spice. A gentleman can be generous with his application of Eterno without worry of offending individuals around him. Again, the overall scent is smooth and defined, as none of the notes are particularly overbearing.
  • Now, given its quiet demeanor, Eterno may be susceptible to fading into the background as a gentleman’s day progresses. Exhibiting a moderate staying power, the scent itself can get drowned out by fragrant, environmental noise. Eterno sticks with you, but only a person close enough to you will be able to appreciate its concluding notes.
  • Vince Camuto Eterno is presented once again with its signature, rectangular glass bottle, but only this time in a white version. Reminiscent of a flask, the glass bottle is encased with a white leather composite with accompanying logo embossment.
  • A gentleman will be served best when Eterno is worn during intimate affairs where the proximity of human contact is relatively small. Eterno is fresh – absent busy notes that can overwhelm and confuse. The transition between notes is clean and deliberate without any of stages overpowering the other. Eterno is definitely made for the gentleman with a relaxed lifestyle where a soft, masculine scent can be appreciated up close and personal.
  • Vince Camuto Eterno  3.4 oz $75.00 – Available at Vince Camuto, Macy’s, Dillard’s or any fine men’s department store.
Gentlemen’s Standard Approved
Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. Item was purchased for personal use. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience.

Black Thought

James-Baldwin“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin

The knowledgeable gentleman is reconciled with the reality that anything worth the attempt of transforming could ultimately result in failure. Nevertheless, the very real possibility of failure does not deter or dissuade him from focusing his efforts to bring about change. He understands that change is not fully realized when absent an active catalyst. Please note: Fruitful, bountiful harvests are not born to barren soil. Work must be done. And so, if a gentleman desires to see a difference, he must ultimately commit himself to making a difference. A gentleman must steel his resolve and confront what needs to be confronted, failure be damned. So, the question for you is: What do you want to see changed, and just exactly what are you doing about it?

Review -Swift & Co. – The Heritage Twist Collection

Swift Mocca BootIt is not often that a brand – largely unrecognized to the general masses here in the states –  will grab my attention and arouse curiosity. However, British footwear brand Swift & Co is such a brand. Based in East Lancashire, England; Swift & Co is an independent footwear manufacturer dating back to 1934 and spanning three generations in the Swift family. I was contacted by a Swift & Co representative a few months ago, and the pitch was too interesting to ignore. Now, the combination of my recent promotion, my wife’s pregnancy, and birth of my son has required a lot of my time, but I am now able to offer my observations. I was offered the Lancaster (pictured above), a suede lace-up boot with brogue detailing, for examination. Let’s get to it.

Swift Burgundy BootSo, what was it exactly that garnered my full, undivided attention? Well, as you perhaps identified from the accompanying visuals, the sole boasts a decidedly robust aesthetic that separates it from many footwear selections on the current market. Furthermore, the sole does not arrive with a traditional construction, with either with the sole being attached to the upper by way of chemical adhesives or the timeless Goodyear welt. The Heritage Twist collection – as named by Swift & Co – begins its life constructed inside out (with the mid-sole being stitched to the upper) and then inverted before being finished.

Now, back to that sole, continuing with its brand uniqueness, the sole is constructed with a layered interlocking sole design where the insole locks with the mid-sole. It is designed with a tight fit to discourage slippage. Honestly, the curious design would be an area of concern regarding performance. What if the sole just fell off? Would the sole be vulnerable to water penetration? With dutiful inspection, the sole appears to be attached firmly in place. I tugged and pulled, but the sole weathered my force comfortably.

I would surmise that it would take excessive wear and tear to dislodge the sole from the upper. And any concerns regarding any water penetration can be dismissed, as the inside-out construction provides full coverage all around the foot. Now, I fully understand that some gentlemen may be less than enthused about the thickness and appearance of the sole. The overall aesthetic is much a hybrid of a formal dress shoe and sneaker. Nevertheless, it is an aesthetic that can grow on you, and given the supreme overall comfort, it is something that can be overlooked.

Swift Indigo Brogue

And speaking of comfort, true to its claims, the Heritage Twist collection is truly a comfortable assembly of footwear. The insole cradles the foot with a sublime cushion that rivals the comfort of your favorite sneaker. A gentleman should not experience any issues during episodes of prolonged standing.


  • Wisconsin suede and leather – finished in Italian tanneries
  • Sole constructed with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA); a polymer that affords flexibility, softness, and shock absorbancy
  • Sole 300% thicker than with standard footwear
  • Insole foam: 10-11 mm thick at toe, 12-13 mm thick at heel
  • Mid-sole constructed of rubber
  • Interlocking shock-absorbent sole
  • Retails $200.00 for shoes; $250.00 for boots


  • The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers Award for Innovation 2015
  • The British Footwear Association / FN Platform Award 2015
  • Two pending for construction and interlocking sole

Swift Olive BrogueIn conclusion, I found that the offering from Swift & Co to be quite distinctive in both construction and appearance. Available as a standard lace-up or Chelsea boot, the Heritage Twist collection has a modest starting lineup (with an expansion of choices in the future) for a gentleman to peruse. The hybrid of both dress and casual details afford maneuverability between casual and dress settings. The suede is suitably soft and the overall feel is lightweight, but solidly built.

Going forward, I see areas of opportunity to offer more colors and a variety of more detailing beyond the wingtip brogue. I think the collection is priced competitively in the current market, and I would definitely consider purchasing pair in a warm autumn hue – I think the suede would showcase brilliantly. I really hope Swift & Co becomes popular and captures a dedicated audience. There appears to be promise for future releases.

Swift Interlocking Sole

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