Style & Substance – Chocolate Suede Grenson Wingtips

Grenson SuedeStarting February 1st, e-commerce site Park and Bond will be closing its online doors and be fully absorbed by Gilt Group’s other luxury retail site – Gilt. The closing has been in the works for some time now, and I was able to score a cool pair of chocolate suede wingtips from Grenson a few months ago. They are very comfortable, the suede is extremely supple, and the deep chocolate-brown is beautiful. Of course with the snow, sleet, and slush; I have been compelled to box and shelve these two until the streets are emancipated from the wintry, frothy muck that the season has bestowed upon them. Hopefully, that day is coming soon…real soon.

3 responses

  1. Nice look brotha. Do you know if the full over the shoe leather protector for your shoes are still sold? I need about 4 pairs. I know the half over the shoe leather protectors are sold but I know my windfall on a day to day its not good for my shoes. I’m the guy who finally gets the Masterati Gt and gets a nice scratch on the door handle in the grocery store parking lot. smh. Heading to park and bond right now.


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