Style & Substance – The Floral Pocket Square

HF Floral PSIn the past, my attempts at unearthing a floral pocket square has been a successful operation in futility. Floral pocket squares are sometimes a rare find. Apologies, allow me to restate that last sentence, floral pocket squares with well-defined character are a rare find. Sure, one can locate a floral pocket square of choice at a local department store, but sometimes the visual presentation leaves more to be desired. However, this mosaic of floral pageantry immediately seized my attention. The pocket squares above were available at the now defunct e-commerce site Clad. I swiftly dove into action and ordered both these offerings from Hickey Freeman without hesitation, as $24.90 was a fair price given that they were on sale. The demure touch of a beautiful floral arrangement in the chest pocket is a fantastic way to balance a decidedly masculine aesthetic. I selected the square in blue because I will be able to coordinate it with a number of suit jackets or blazers. Blue is trending big this spring season, so I was very fortunate to discover this beauty before the stock had been depleted. And fortuitously, the brown version was also still available, so ordered that too. Constructed from a light touch of wool and silk, the generously sized square folds effortlessly into my suit jackets beautifully. Now, perhaps floral arrangements don’t tickle your fancy when it comes to clothing. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest you give it a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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