The Mr Porter Paperback

Mr Porter BookEsquire has its own style manual. GQ has its own style manual. Hell, even Details has its own style manual. Well, it would now appear that luxury e-commerce site Mr Porter has published its paperback version of a gentleman’s go-to guide for exquisite, impeccable style. Compiled by Mr Porter’s Editor-in-Chief Mr Jeremy Langmead, this style guide is an amalgamation of sound advice that ranges from tips from contemporary style icons to lessons in gentlemanly etiquette that strives to refine your swagger. Mr Porter Paperback: The Manual for a Stylish Life, that’s the full title and it’s only Volume 1, certainly looks the sartorial part. Looks like I will be ordering a copy to add to my book collection – I’m a semi-hoarder. I’ll be sure to check back in with a review. For ordering information, please visit Mr. Porter HERE for more details.

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