Brotherly Love – Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade BWKnit necktie. Checked dress shirt. Dashing pocket square. All in all – quiet, sophisticated elegance.

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  1. Glen, I never got a chance to see the Heat play in last year’s playoffs but is it true that DWade and Lebron would come to the game with different outfits for pregame and postgame? I found this hilarious but refreshing because it signals a turning of events in the NBA. I think if anyone has a problem with the NBA’s dress code policy should blame Allen Iverson and them…


    • It’s true, but they weren’t the only gents to treat games like an awards show. Many a NBA player rocked different gear before and after the game. LOL And yes, it wasn’t that long ago that players screamed and kicked over the dress code. Now, every player wants to be a fashion icon.


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