Style & Substance – Allen Edmonds Burgundy Wingtip Brogues

McAllisterI have been keeping a watchful eye out for a pair of dark burgundy dress shoes. And I was finally able to score a nice pair of Allen Edmonds Mcallisters during a fortuitous sale. Yes!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a great blog. I came across it by chance as I was searching the net for a new bow tie for a wedding I was attending. You have great style and taste that transcends race. Keep up the great work, I am sure it takes alot of time. Also thanks for the great tip on the allen edmonds shoe bank!! I have been paying full price for way too long!!


  2. Hey Mr. Palmer, I fell across your site after reading a post on Single Black Male titled “The Best Black Blogs and Websites to read in 2013” and after spending time going through all the sections on here I want to say that you have a lot of refreshingly good and sound content on here. As Joe mentioned above me keep up the great work. I’ll be sure to share this with my brother and cousins as well as my boys. Cheers.


  3. Hey Jonathan, thanks a lot. And I have to go over to SBM to offer my thanks as well. I didn’t even know I made the list. But yes, I really expect this site to grow more and more in 2013 – I’m excited. Thanks for reading again.


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