Style & Substance – The Irregular Pocket Square Fold

With a charismatic corruption of the conservative presidential fold, this particular pocket square presentation conveys an atmosphere of brash confidence- a presentation only reserved for those gentlemen trained in the art of effortless, slightly disinterested elegance. And yes, I am penning another entry that champions the serviceability of the devoted chest pocket companion. Why? Well, because those gentlemen without the luxury of disposal income deserve every stylish, affordable tool in his arsenal to be well-dressed. And the pocket square is a subtle, inexpensive option that should be wisely explored. Nevertheless, this dandy fold can certainly add a dash of debonair to your suit ensemble. Folded in an asymmetric square, this method is most suited for pocket squares with edges trimmed with color. Less structured. Gorgeously disheveled. Check your favorite men’s fashion magazines, this look is definitely trending big right now. And unlike most trends, this one will enjoy some well-deserved longevity. Rock it in style.

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