UPTOWN Gentleman: The Need For Tweed

The historical narrative of tweed states that the name itself is an ironic corruption of the word twill. Perhaps due to bad handwriting on a merchant order combined with the immediate proximity of the river Tweed in Scotland, the term tweed gained popularity and has been around centuries later. Now, that slice of history is interesting, but today’s gentleman is more concerned about style and functionality. Autumn begs for clothing that offers depth and character. The rough, woolen fabric offers much-needed protection from the cold and wind. Originally purposed for weekend forays into the wilderness, today’s tweed can be found everywhere from neckties to loafers. Here are a few items that should be found in your closet…

Trust me, during this time of the season, tweed should be making its way into your closet – if it’s not there already. Why? Well, besides keeping you warm under the duress of falling temperatures, it just looks so damn masculine and rich. And not rich as in money; rich as in it affords incredible depth and stylish intricacy to your look. Apologies – I’m babbling. Check out the remainder after the above introduction at the usual spot over at UPTOWN MAGAZINE. Boom!

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