Gentlemen’s Review – Modern Renaissance Man – Vintage Accessories


Leather Brooch

Back in late July, we featured an in-depth profile with a small independent company called Modern Renaissance Man. A company that specializes in classic gentlemanly accessories; the co-owner, Tracy Xavier, was kind enough to share the genesis of her small business, as well as her vision for the future and the current state of menswear. So now, today, we are taking a closer look at the merchandise. First, let’s address our favorite piece amongst the varied selections – their leather brooch. Absolute winner. During my interview with Tracy, I wondered aloud if brooches were something a contemporary gentleman could sport with confidence. And then this weekend I saw retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker (turned NFL commentator), Ray Lewis, rocking one on television. So, okay, that answered that question! That being said, let’s jump into the review.

The quick and dirty: The construction is incredibly solid. The symmetry is balanced; not absolute perfect, but beautiful in its own right, as you will never find a flower in nature that is evenly symmetrical. And the magnetic button back is extremely strong. A gentleman will have absolutely no worries about his brooch falling off his lapel. Finally, the grade of leather is very nice and the array of available colors offer excellent choices for varying tastes.

My second favorite accoutrements would definitely be their variety of tie clips. Arriving in two variations, a gentleman has the option of either a pinch or side clasp. The side clasps are made of wonderfully strong brass, and the pinch clasps of gold or silver. And much like the leather brooches, the vintage feel is definitely the draw here. All of the clips are adorned by a unique embellishment which could be anything, including vibrant gemstones or animal motifs. It should be noted that the brass tie clips have a very tight closure, so thicker neckties may have a difficult time sliding in. Nevertheless, once it is there, it stays there! No necktie slippage. Bonus: The brass tie bars can also double as a money or business card clip.

Next, we have the necktie tacks, which actually aren’t tacks at all in the literal sense. I have never been a fan of poking holes in my neckties, so these magnetic tacks are a welcome alternative. Just like the magnetic backs on the leather brooches, the magnets are pretty strong. However, the strength decreases as the thickness of your necktie increases. When worn with my silk neckties, the tie tack was supremely secure. When worn with my burly, woolen neckties; the tack still held, but it wasn’t secured as strongly as with my silk brethren. Again, there are a wide variety of emblems and gems in stock for your selection; each with its own personality and signature.

Last we have an array of silk pocket squares. Mainly consisting of geometric prints and neat paisley designs, the silk has a moderately stiff feel to them. Which is desirable if you want you square to hold its shape in the breast pocket. However, be sure you check the sizing before you order, as some squares are smaller than others. All in all, Modern Renaissance Man offers a wide selection of unique accessories that can make your presentation appear more expensive than it really is. Given that nothing in their current inventory breaks the $40.00 barrier, that is great for a gentleman that wants to accessorize his look without going into the poor house.

For for information, go check out their Etsy store, there are lots of new product for the autumn season.

And check out our previous interview as well, just click the link below!


Leather Brooch


Leather Brooch – Backside


Leather Brooch – Backside – Magnetic Fastener


Silk Pocket Square


Silk Pocket Square


Tie Clip (left) and Magnetic Tie Tack (right)


Brass Tie Clip

Gentleman’s Standard Approved

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