Gentlemen’s Review – Tommy John – Stay-up Dress Sock

It is perhaps unquestionable that gentlemen’s hosiery is a highly underrated accessory in your wardrobe right now. This is a safe space, feel free to submit your admission, there will be an absence of judgment in this small sliver of Internet space. Seriously, please identify another gentleman’s accessory that can be displaced or lost without a modicum of panicked concern. Displaying a posture of indifference, and a slight shrug of the shoulders, a gentleman will simply reach for a replacement pair and maybe restock his supply during a future department store venture. It is a painful, simple truth: Socks receive no love. Yet despite being taken for granted, they can become a source of intense irritability when performance is less than stellar. Whether falling victim to unraveling unseemly seams, unsightly holes in its material, or gradually losing its shape through the redundancy of wash and wear – a gentleman’s hosiery is more valuable than assigned credit.

And so, today, I explore the world of brand Tommy John. A tagline from their website: No adjustment needed. Now, I must readily admit, I have become accustomed to periodically adjusting my socks over the course of my day. In the day of the life of a sock, it is simply the nature of the sartorial beast. They may tend to sag a little, a gentleman will pull them up, and repeat as much is required. Now, one could employ the use of a sock garter to maintain the proper height for one’s hosiery, however the matter is not that serious – at least not to me. Nonetheless, sagging and shapeless sock can be a hassle, and the Tommy John brand asserts it can resolve this nagging issue with their premium line of socks.


  •  Stay Dry: Zoned ventilation keeps feet cool and dry
  • Zone Cushioning: Increased support, comfort, and extended wear
  • Light Compression: Improves and increases blood flow circulation
  • Arch Support: Light compression increases blood flow
  • InvisiGrip® Technology: Grips foot to ensure sock stays put

Directly out of the packaging, I could easily recognize that this line of hosiery was indeed premium quality. Composed of 65% Pima Cotton, 32% Nylon, and 3% Spandex; the touch was very soft and the construction was solid. I purposely allowed my toenails to grow to gauge if the fabric was durable enough to resist punctures – just joking. Nevertheless, the fabric had more than sufficient stretch and durability. Even after a routine trip in the washer and dryer, the stay-up dress sock retained its shape, color, and resiliency. Now, let’s address the original topic that this blog post commenced with – sagging. In all honesty, I read some reviews on the Tommy John website and was shocked to read that some customer still experienced sock sag.

Immediately, a gentleman will notice the difference between this sock and some mass market socks. They reach far over the calf, just below the kneecap, and I am 6 foot 1. It hugs the calf tightly and required no adjustment at all – it’s almost too good. It’s not too tight, but I definitely had to become accustomed to the snug fit. Even after washing, the fit was still snug around my calf. Regarding pricing, a gentleman is going to pay more than he would generally spend on socks. Being totally transparent, we would sooner spend dollars on a value pack from TJ Maxx or Marshals than a pair of socks retailing at $16.00. However, when considering the aforementioned headaches and hassles that arrive with mediocre product, spending more on quality is perhaps the best course of action to address your hosiery woes. Trust, it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved

For further information about Tommy John, please visit for details.

Standard Recommendations – Nice Laundry – Hosiery

NiceLaundry_PrepsterLet’s exercise some gentlemanly candor here; residing on the hierarchy of sartorial importance, hosiery most likely hovers near the bottom. On the most basic level, the primary function of one’s hosiery is merely to act as a protective layer between one’s feet and footwear. However, some men have even relieved their hosiery of that obligation. Socks – a minute detail in style born out of necessity. Nevertheless, for the select few of sophisticated gentlemen, there is a working belief that every detail holds significance. Details thus make the stylish gentleman, as each detail carries an individual weight that reveals a gent’s character. And so we arrive at today’s endorsement – Nice Laundry. The Gentlemen’s Standard is no stranger to their excellent work – check out the review HERE.

NiceLaundry_PrepsterTrioPrices begin at $49 for six pairs of their standard stock. Their Exec offering is $59 for 6 pairs. And if you want to totally reinvent your sock collection, $99.00 will fetch you 18 pairs to kick-start your new hosiery endeavor. Patterns vary from reserved (solid colors) to adventurous (camouflage). The premium blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex guarantees supreme durability and comfort. After 1 year of wearing, washing, and drying (not recommended, but alas I did not commit full attention to the instructions); Nice Laundry delivers a high quality sock without blowing up your wallet. So, for this holiday season, if you’re rolling with the ubiquitous gift of hosiery for that special gentleman in your life; Nice Laundry is a fantastic gift for Christmas.

NiceLaundry_Prepster Bag

For ordering information, please check out Nice Laundry HERE for more details.

Gentlemen’s Review – Nice Laundry – Hosiery

Nice LaundryIn the interest of full transparency, I must readily and wholeheartedly disclose, socks were never a high priority when I embarked upon revamping my personal style. Socks, or if you really want to sound sartorially educated – hosiery, were never a matter of great importance. Socks, unfortunately, were the after-afterthought. And so, my sock drawer was inundated with the same monotonous collection that most likely is akin to your sock drawer: a boring medley of uneventful blacks and blues with the occasional fanciful pop of gray. Well, that situation has dramatically reversed course. My current hosiery situation: an artful potpourri of stripes, pinks, florals, greens, and almost anything your mind can conjure. What changed? Continue reading

Style & Substance – Connect The Dots – The Unexpected Rise of Polka Dot Hosiery

Polka Dot Happy SocksIn the beginning (a long, long time ago), a gentleman’s selection of hosiery was relegated to the basics: dark navy and black. Simplicity. For those hurried mornings when the cognitive spark plugs aren’t firing at optimal levels, a gentleman need not stress over decisions regarding his socks. And so, black and dark navy it was. Some decades later (we’re not sure of the actual date), striped variations forced its way into the fray, and the peacock revolution was underway. Quirky, unconventional options were now de rigueur. Now, fast-forward a few years, and behold – stripes are now sharing the stage with polka dots.

  • Gent Hint: Big, bold polka dots are for statements, albeit casual statements. Small, subtle polka dots are quiet conversation starters.

Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, the sartorial emancipation of safe, traditional style has brought forth a bevy of interesting options for the contemporary gentleman. And one of those options – yes – is polka dot socks. Small dots. Big dots. Plain dots. Colorful dots. They may arrive in cotton, wool, cashmere, or a myriad of blends of the whole lot – with just a touch of spandex for stretch. Sure, our formal education in style has been a stern instruction in conservatism. Such instruction has served us well over the years. However, variety is a good thing; actually, it is a highly recommended thing.

  • Gent Hint: Spring is the perfect season to break out the most exuberant selections you can get your hands on.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I readily admit that polka dots socks are trendy. Whether or not it becomes a reliable staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe remains to be seen. Striped socks gradually made the transition from trendy to mainstay; the jury is still out for polka dots. Nonetheless, I have invested in a few pairs, as I don’t see polka dots going the way as, say, camouflage. And let’s be honest, camouflage everything never had the potential for extended longevity. Polka dots could be different.

  • Gent Hint: Exhibit some conservative flair by opting for a subdued shade peppered with discreet, colored polka dots.

So,whether or not polka dots socks are appropriate for you, the ultimate decision is in your hands. Polka dots exude a lot of character, and one certainly cannot be in short supply of confidence when wearing them. Sure, they are currently trending big time. Absolutely. No doubt about it. Their popularity can continue to surge over the next few years, or it can even start to wane a little. Now, in my humble opinion, I do not believe that they will totally disappear from the sartorial landscape. If you have an adventurous side pertaining to fashion, I fully endorse trying on a dotted pair. Perhaps even a couple of pairs. Give your ensemble a playful jolt. You might be surprised with the results. Stay stylish my friends.

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Style & Substance – Put Some Spring In Your Step

IMG_0126Woe to the gentleman that employs the exclusive services of black or navy hosiery – perhaps even both. Well, rejoice my friend! The time has arrived for the gentleman to emancipate himself from the dark, brooding hosiery that grant coverage for the feet and ankles. It’s time to put some spring in your step. Gentlemen’s Standard Approved: Brighter and more courageous socks are now totally safe to wear. Trust me on this one gents. Rocking a pair of colorfully patterned socks is an inexpensive method of injecting some personality into your presentation. And personality – the good, vivacious kind – is certainly endorsed here. So, over the course of the past few months, I have steadily procured of modest collection of spry socks for the spring and summer seasons. I wanted to share a few pictures, and hopefully you will be inspired to take the plunge and proceed forth in purchasing a cool variety of your own.

Click here for more awesome pictures!

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