Gentlemen’s Review – Nice Laundry – Hosiery

Nice LaundryIn the interest of full transparency, I must readily and wholeheartedly disclose, socks were never a high priority when I embarked upon revamping my personal style. Socks, or if you really want to sound sartorially educated – hosiery, were never a matter of great importance. Socks, unfortunately, were the after-afterthought. And so, my sock drawer was inundated with the same monotonous collection that most likely is akin to your sock drawer: a boring medley of uneventful blacks and blues with the occasional fanciful pop of gray. Well, that situation has dramatically reversed course. My current hosiery situation: an artful potpourri of stripes, pinks, florals, greens, and almost anything your mind can conjure. What changed?

Well, as my tastes progressed, so did my willingness to experiment with various style selections. I was slowly evolving. I fondly remember when striped socks first secured a firm foothold in the American market; it was a curious and fresh departure from the status quo. My plunge into these new fashionable depths afforded an entirely new angle of style that has since become an unspoken signature of mine. Along with my troubling adoration for pocket squares and neckties, socks became an unlikely source of obsession. That being stated, I was totally elated when I was contacted by Nice Laundry to review a sample from their exquisite lineup of socks. However, before we launch into the review, let’s take a glance at their background.

Nice Laundry2Nice Laundry is a start-up business created by former LivingSocial employees – Phil Moldavski and Ricky Choi. Birthed as a Kickstarter campaign, Nice Laundry was launched with this objective: change the relationship gentlemen have with their socks. Nice Laundry aims to deliver high quality socks at affordable price points. In addition to that mission, Nice Laundry also has the environment on their radar. Striving to be green-friendly, every Nice Laundry order is eligible for a prepaid shipping label; a gentleman can simply ship his old socks in the re-usable mailer his hosiery arrived in and they will initiate the recycling process. Partnering with one of the nation’s oldest and largest textile recyclers, Nice Laundry will ensure your old socks are recycled responsibly and efficiently. A percentage will be reused and re-purposed, while the balance will be converted into recycled fibers for use such as home insulation. Cool right? Now, let’s get to the intimate details of presentation, quality, and performance.

Nice Laundry3Nice Laundry boasts a collection 13 packages containing 6 pairs of socks within. These packages are divided into three categories: Essentials, Editor’s Picks, and First Editions. The Essentials and Editor’s Picks are priced at $49.00 per package and the First Editions package is priced at $59.00. Arriving in a cool complimentary drawstring bag, it should be noted that each package has a predetermined selection of hosiery, and each package arrives with unique names such as the Chief, Visionary, and Captain. For our reviewing purposes, the Captain was sent to The Gentlemen’s Standard packaged in a complimentary reusable drawstring bag. Nice touch. And now, the observations.Nice Laundry4Gentlemanly Observations


  • Nice Laundry socks are supremely comfortable and ridiculously soft to the touch – both outside and inside. There is a sensation of fluffiness when you slide your foot into a pair. Hell, even my wife was impressed.
  • The elasticity of the cuff is incredibly strong; a gentleman need not worry about his socks drooping or losing shape.
  • The toe and heel are nicely reinforced so worries concerning premature fraying can be dismissed.
  • Socks have medium thickness, not as thin as a full dress sock, but not as thick as a standard cotton gym sock.
  • These socks are probably best suited for casual or business casual situations. However, one could probably wear a pair with dress trousers and not feel out of sorts.
  • Nice Laundry socks are composed of 80% cotton, 19% spandex, and 1% nylon – great for stretch and comfort.
  • Competing in the market for premium socks, Nice Laundry is competitively priced. Some brands, Paul Smith comes to mind, charge as much as $35.00 for a single pair of cotton socks. Here, a gentleman can procure 6 pairs for almost the price of one.
  • There is a great variety of pattern and color that offer a myriad of options for a gentleman. While there is a mix of wild patterns such as camouflage and polka dot, there are conservative packages consisting of solid colors to not only gratify a reserved gentleman’s needs, but also gently transition him into the world of Nice Laundry. Perhaps next time the purchase will be that crazy blend of zig-zag or polka dot.


  • If you have experienced years of psychological conditioning that preclude you from spending more than accustomed for socks; laying down $49 or $59 for a pack of 6 pairs may prove to be intimidating.
  • Socks are prepackaged, so a gentleman cannot assemble his own combination favorite hosiery. The variety should be enough to satisfy a majority of customers, however, a customized option would be welcome.
  • Currently, hosiery from Nice Laundry only arrive in premium cotton blends. If you have an affinity for wool or cashmere socks, you would be better served shopping elsewhere, and hopefully Nice Laundry will include these selections to their lineup in the future.

If you are looking at purchasing premium cotton socks and you’re willing to spend a little more than usual, Nice Laundry deserves your consideration. For more information and to view their entire available stock, please visit HERE for details.

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved

Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Nice Laundry5Stay stylish gentlemen!

13 responses

  1. Just received my first packet and love the colors and patterns. Very comfortable at first try, however the proof in the pudding will be after they are washed. Wool and OTC would be nice.


  2. So how have these socks held up after a washing or two? Considering overhauling my sock drawer and this seems to be the place to do it – $19 pairs for $99 can’t be beat. Thanks in advance.


    • After some time in the wash and dryer, I must admit that they have held up well. The color has not faded, the shape and elasticity are still in place, and they are still really soft. So, I have to give them a thumbs up thus far.


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  4. WARNING! if you open the package they will not accept a return, regardless of whether you actually tried the product on. “sanitary” reasons. The underwear have a horizontal seam across the seat that is very noticeable and uncomfortable. Never seen an online clothing company that refused to accept returns if you tried the product on. I can understand for underwear, but not accepting just for opening the package? Ridiculous. I would shop elsewhere were i you


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