Style & Substance – 5 Menswear Trends We Can Leave In 2013

Too Tight Clothing

Asap RockyHere is the most perplexing thing about fit: When your clothes are droopy, baggy, and sagging – prepare to be scolded by some gentleman rocking a suit so damn tight, he’s on cusp of passing out from oxygen deprivation. Well, guess what? Your suit doesn’t fit either genius! Sadly, many gentlemen have been tricked into thinking that slim fit anything is the only way to wear their clothing. Wrong. If you are a gentleman of a certain size, say, 220 pounds and up, stop squeezing your curves into a 42 Regular with the jacket shortened on purpose. The only fit that counts is the fit that fits you. If you aren’t built like the dude above – don’t try to wear his clothes. As a matter of fact, don’t try to wear his clothes if you’re built like him anyway.

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