Style & Substance – 5 Menswear Trends We Can Leave In 2013

Wearing Women’s Clothing

kanye blouseRemember that thing about options that I previously mentioned, well, use them man! Seriously. Honestly. One does not have to resort to wearing women’s garments to look stylish. Please cease and desist with the unnecessary tomfoolery. The presentation screams gimmick for the sake of being gimmicky. And I really don’t care that your favorite celebrity has re-purposed his lady’s blouse – he looks ridiculous too. A gentleman should exude character and not merely be a character. He should be seen, and yet, not seen – if you follow me. If not, I’ll let Denzel Washington break it down for you. Warning: Gratuitous profanity at the end of the clip; if expletives offend you, please stop clip at around the 1:20 mark.

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