Wrist Managament – Colorful Watches For Less Than $75

Timex - PinkWithout a doubt, there arrives a time when a gentleman just wants to kick back. No big meetings that beg your attendance. No dinner galas that require your presence. The only thing that beckons your audience is lazy relaxation. Maybe a few cookouts. Perhaps an excursion to a beach, a park, or wherever the day takes you – you could venture no farther than your couch. And that is okay. Nevertheless, whatever you decide, you still need to track time. Last week, one of my contacts reached out and sent me an array of jazzy, colorful timepieces just in time for spring, all courtesy of Timex. Now, my experience with Timex has been pleasant. They are a trusty and reliable source of time tracking. So, I wanted to share a few pictures from their new spring collection. All the watches pictured here clock in (pun intended) at less than $75.00, and in some cases, less than $50.00. And as a bonus, the Weekender editions have straps that can be interchanged with other bright straps that fancy your mood – watch out now (corny pun intended again)! For more purchasing information, please visit Timex for details.

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