Style & Substance – Camouflaged Gear III

suit supply camoAlas, my foolishly misguided crusade against the imminent reign of camouflage has been suppressed, well, at least for the time being. For it seems that every time I open a monthly publication dedicated to style, or arrive upon a manufacturer’s fresh inventory of spring merchandise by way of the Internet, I am greeted by unapologetic visuals of camouflage. And this is quite peculiar, given that a distinct characteristic of camouflage is stealth and disguise. Needless to say, the push for this trend is growing in strength as designers and advertisers are flooding the shelves with this sartorially pert pattern. So, let us assume that you have relented and allowed the passage of camouflage into your closet. Well, if you are seeking to make a statement, Suit Supply has been kind enough to supply you with the proper accoutrement to accomplish that objective – the camouflage monk strap. You cannot get anymore brazen than this. The rakish charm of the monk, combined with its unmistakable skin makes for one bold set of kicks. Again, not my preference, but for a gentleman that wants to add a kick to his khaki suit or cotton trousers, this pair of monks could be for you. Just no complaints when its popularity wanes – hey, we’re trying to warn you here. Shop responsibly friend.

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