The Standard #23

FALCON_WATERFREE_URINALTrue story: So, after a strenuous morning of doing battle with some heavy dumbbells, I am retrieving my belongings in the gentleman’s locker room when another gentleman enters and discreetly disappears around a corner. Now, what followed next was not so discreet. Bellowing around the corner, I was audibly assaulted by loud moans and groans emanating from the urinal area. Seriously dude – what the hell? I could not discern whether he was emptying his bladder or performing a four-finger shuffle with his manhood. Now, it is utterly ridiculous that I have to write an entry like this, but it would appear that some gentlemen require the proper instruction regarding urinal etiquette. Here are five edicts that every gentleman should commit to memory before stepping foot in a public restroom.

  • Sure, that Pepsi has been resting in your bladder for the duration of that 2 hour meeting, but that is no excuse to get all X-rated at the urinal with moans of eye-fluttering ecstasy. Relieve yourself as quietly as possible.
  • And speaking of quiet, you can wait to discuss why that 2 hour meeting was pointless to begin with in the first place. But, if you feel the burning need ( no, hopefully not that burning need ) to discuss your supervisor’s leadership, or lack thereof, please do so in brief.
  • Now, if you have made the decision to partake in some urinal chit-chat, remember that if your head swivels to the left or right, the other one below the belt should remain fixed in one direction: straight ahead. Because, when stepping up to plate, no gentleman likes to step in puddles of pee, or the dried, sticky variety for that matter – it’s urinal area, not a fly trap. Bonus edict: Flatulence can be a pain, but releasing a sonic boom around your fellow gents is crass, and it just makes your urinal mate feel uncomfortable.
  • The following is a personal plea: drink more water gentlemen! Forgive me, I’m not trying to get all up in your personal business, I’m just tired of being greeted by the aroma of ammonia and stale syrup when I enter a public restroom. Bonus edict: Flush the toilet my friend. Looking into a bowl with what appears to be Samuel Adams pooled in the bottom is just unsightly.
  • Lastly, wash your damn hands! Pardon the language, but that is just nasty. No one wants to shake your filthy paws. Note: Washing one’s hands is not constituted by a quick splash of water on the mittens, followed by a hasty shake to dry them off. I’m going to need you to use some soap and water while humming the alphabet song in your head – you need to make it to at least the letter O.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation gentleman. Pass this along.

4 responses

  1. WHOA!!! Like Black Rob. I am big on bathroom etiquette. Very big. So much so that I don’t touch public toilet door handles with my bare hands. I use a tissue, especially on my way out. And I try by all means never to do the number 2 in any public toilet, anywhere. I handle all my business at home. You have me chuckling at the sonic boom, but I guess when going into the stall it can be forgiven, however, some dudes let rip such a loud one that I always wonder what they’ve been eating. Now you got me thinking of movies with the loudest, baddest, sonic boom.


  2. I want to print this and tack it over every urinal in my state. I would only add that a cell phone conversation from inside the stall shows enormous disrespect to other bathroom patrons as well as the party on the other end. I think part of the problem is that many men (wrongly) associate a public restroom with their memories of a junior high school locker room and act accordingly. It all comes down to consideration of others- for the others in the room, for others who will come later, and for the folks who have to clean up.


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