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AOS POWERSHAVEFINEWant to join the brotherhood of shaving? Well, if you are a gentleman that shaves, you can also be a gentleman that saves. By simply becoming an elite member of The Art of Shaving’s “Brotherhood of Shaving”, you will have access to the private Friends & Family shopping event where you can save 20% off all The Art of Shaving products.  Perfect Shave Rewards Member’s will receive 20% off their entire purchase when they shop in stores or on-line starting January 25 through the 27th  with the experts that developed the science behind the perfect shave. With no fees required, a gentleman can sign up with the elite “Brotherhood” at  to receive access to the exclusive sale starting Friday, January 25, as well as information on upcoming events and promotions! Did I mention that signing up is free? Simply fill out a short form online and your redemption code will be e-mailed directly to your inbox. Boom!

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  1. I will sign up. My facial hair and lack their of does its own thing. I can’t get a goatee to save my life let alone some side burns connecting to my beard. Smh what can I do any advice brotha? Thanks for this deal.


    • And speaking to facial hair, I couldn’t grow a whisker until I reached college. I mean…nothing! And someone told me to start shaving. Even though I did not have a beard, he told me to shave. And in time I begin to grow facial hair. Now, I’m not sure if that is just an old wives’ tale or if it is true. Maybe I was a late bloomer. Nevertheless, fast-forward, and I just shaved my beard down because it had reached Sons of Anarchy, Rick Ross type proportions and my wife HATED it.


  2. Mr. Palmer sir, have you ever caught the Burberry Coat that’s in your winter style 2012-2013 guide on sale? I’m a frequent window shopper of blue heck I criuse by hoping I can scoop up one. My I suggest a few shows to bypass the time this winter. I’m a fan of the USA called Suits they are in the second season but one could catch up. The actor Pooch Hall from the Game has made a few cameos. I’m also a fan of Scandal. If You don’t have USA you can catch the show suits on Also the show White Collar on Tuesday nights is an excellent show. I’m running back through your old post checking for shows. Care to reccomened any? I also ask for a prayer. I screwed up in school and I’m trying to get back so I can get back on my feet and focused. Although I love my Parents my dad is a bit overbearing and head strong ie do as I say type thing so our relationship is a father/son relationship but not a joyus one from my end. He would always argue and things of that nature. Sadly because of him I long for a peaceful multicultural neighborhood like I had in Ann Arbor. Just one of peace and diversity. I’m talking things out with Pastor he’s gone through some of the same things. I’m currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m redoing my resume praying for more experience for a job and peace. Any words of advice would be helpful. If You ever want to hang out I’m up for it. I don’t know if you hang ie buffalo wild wings etc etc but I put the offer out there. I’m just praying so I can get back out of this city and move some place warm and peaceful. I look forward to give back at 28 I have some wisdom I could share. Thanks for letting me bare my soul.


  3. I watch Suits. I think it’s a pretty good show. Aside from that, my only other “go to” shows are The Walking Dead and Breaking – both of which don’t offer anything in the way of fashion – LOL. I’ve started Scandal Season 1, so I have to catch up with the rest of the country. As far as employment and school; that’s a tough. I wish I had a definitive answer beside having faith and being diligent. Coming back to Detroit was a hard pill to swallow after not making it in college. I caught the Smart bus for 3-4 years traveling from Detroit to Farmington Hills once I lucked up on a laboratory job. I leveraged that experience to a job at a local hospital and from there to our corporate office. It was hard. I caught that bus rain, sleet, amd snow. Buses aren’t reliable, so I would get up at 5 a.m. just to make sure I was on time if the bus was late or never came. And when I got there, I worked my butt off. Preparation. Work Ethic. Faith. And a little bit of luck. It also helps to surround your self with good people that provide good counsel. In time I was able to buy a car, obtain a decent paying job, and marry a great woman. Of course, there were numerous bumps in the road, but a man has to make the decision to fold or stand up. I suggest you continue to talk to your pastor and then sit down and pinpoint what your passion is and what you really enjoy doing. Write it down…and think about it constantly. You have to have success on the mind if you want it to come to fruition. You have to get out there and get it. Hope some of this helps.


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