Style & Substance – The Striped Sock

Paul Smith Blue StripeDuring my younger years, which feels like ages ago, I was a white tube sock kind of gentleman. I would make a trip to Kmart to purchase a few value packs of white socks and was good to go. Of course when the occasion begged for a dressier alternative, I recruited a trusted pair of basic black or blue hosiery for the job. However, as I grew older and started to explore more stylish options, I began to gravitate toward brighter colors and more interesting patterns. Now, striped hosiery surged in popularity, at least to my recollection, approximately 5-7 years ago. I added a few pairs to my dresser drawer and have been hooked ever since. Still popular, I have noticed that the stripes have increased in width with a more audacious color offering. Nevertheless, I still employ options with narrow widths too. Trust me, these are not for the serious conservative. Utilize these socks only when the finishing touch requires that you stand alone from the pack – where you should be.

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