Style & Substance – The Collar Bar

To be sure, a gentleman can attain a luxurious presentation without spending a luxury on his wardrobe. Some time ago, I became fascinated with a seldom used gentleman’s accessory known as the collar bar. Now, if you are a fan of the critically acclaimed series Mad Men, or even Boardwalk Empire, you would recognize there isn’t a shortage of these little stylish accouterments in each episode. Tucked underneath the necktie knot, securing the points of the dress shirt collar; it ever so slightly lifts the visibility of the necktie. It’s neat. It’s sophisticated. It has an old school flavor to it. And I wanted one. Thankfully, my lovely wife was visiting her sister in New York last year, and a Paul Stuart store was not far away. So, being the darling that she is, Stephanie was kind enough to grab her loving husband one for a mere $19.50. This is but a small example illustrating how a discreet accessory can alter the dynamic of your appearance. The slight hint of understated style can instantly upgrade a look and add a unique depth to one’s presentation. Now, I am not advocating collar bars for every gentleman, rather I am advocating the subtle power of the right accessory. Trust your sartorial instincts and select what works fine for you.

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