Gain The Proper Footing – 9 Loafers Under $200

Yes, you read the title correctly – 9 loafers clocking in just shy of $200.00. Now, the key to selecting the right kind of loafer, especially for the office; it has to look like it belongs. And by that we mean it should exude a level of professionalism that works for Monday when you punch in and Friday when you punch out. And if you’re salary, well, congratulations they will work just as well for you too. Nothing obnoxiously ornate; just clean and simple designs with the occasional flourish of a tassel or metal bit. You can even add a bit of color as the week comes to a close. Every distinguished gentleman should have, at a bare minimum, two pairs of stylish loafers at his disposal. At these price points, you really don’t have a reason not to.

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