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The sloppy handling of the of the Auto Bailout, for which he never stated, “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” Maybe it was the less than eloquent description of 47 percent of the population. Perhaps it was Hurricane Sandy and her momentum halting influence? And surely the healthy helping of adoration Chris Christie heaped on President Obama didn’t help matters.  All factors spelled possible defeat for Governor Mitt Romney. Nevertheless, there was but one path to 270 electoral votes for the Romney Campaign. However, that would mean betraying and departing from a far right, radical ideology that had previously positioned Mitt at the coveted big dance – the 2012 Presidential Election. Alas, his pivot towards middle was perhaps too late, and his positions during the Republican Primaries rendered him defenseless against an expanding electorate. He had been handcuffed to an ideology that has his party on the cusp of political impotence. The electorate expanded – more Latino voters and more young voters. Plus – more women in the Obama column. And the Republican given, white male voters, had shrunk. So, going forward, where does the Republican party go from here? With a fiscal cliff looming, we shall soon see.

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  1. All of the above, plus Romney is completely incapable of connecting with anyone outside his income bracket. The blind privilege just oozes off that guy. I don’t see how any cash-and-carry wash-and-wear blue collar person could ever think that someone with a Ward Cleaver body and a Montgomery Burns brain would ever give a damn about them.

    It’s sad that Christie is getting scapegoated. If his praise of Obama hurt Romney, there is only one person to blame for that: Romney. It’s not Christie’s fault that Mitt came off non presidential in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. No governor should be shamed for saying thank you to someone who helped support their state in the wake of a disaster.


      • Indeed. I hope it does bring about change in how politicians work together, but I’m not holding my breath. You know the partisanship has gone too far when politicians can’t even give a fraction of praise to someone on the other side of the isle, even after they’ve accomplished something exceptional.


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