Cheap Thrills – Boldly Accessorize At A Low Cost

The Tie Bar

Gentlemen – rejoice! Currently, we are enthusiastically enjoying a sartorial renaissance of sorts. Pleasantly inundated with a bevy of stylish options, a gentleman can attire himself in a handsome array of clothing, and he doesn’t have to break the bank in doing so. Sure, dressing great can become expensive if a gentleman allows it. And true, there are some items a gentleman cannot maneuver around without dropping some heavy coin. Nevertheless, there exists pathway to smart elegance that doesn’t include high price-tags. Deft utilization of sharp accessories can make an outfit look right-on-the-money without spending a tremendous amount of it. Here, you will find a collection upstart companies that offer insanely inexpensive, superbly stylish accouterments that can definitely elevate a gentleman’s fashion quotient without stressing your pocketbook.

The Tie Bar

Boasting an impressive line-up of neckties, tie bars, pocket squares, and now socks; The Tie Bar has become the not-so-secret, best-kept secret in menswear. Showcased repeatedly in popular style magazines such as GQ, it’s not uncommon to find a featured Tie Bar pocket square, necktie or tie bar paired with a $2000.00 suit. Which vividly illustrates this fact: A gentleman doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to look like money. Visit their site HERE for more information.


  • All neckties, bow ties and tie bars are priced at a mere $15.00; except extra length neckties – those will cost you $20.00
  • Fabric selections include silk, cotton, wool, linen
  • Tie bars are offered in a broad range of colors that include favorites such as latte, fuchsia, and hunter
  • Pocket squares arrive in cotton, silk, linen, and wool with a myriad of color and pattern to choose from
  • Depending on pocket square size, it will cost you $8.00 (regular size) or $12.00 (large)
  • Flat rate shipping of $5.99

The Knottery

The Knottery, bearing the tag-line “Attainable Style, has a line-up that includes neckties, pocket squares, shoelaces, cuff links, socks, and the currently popular lapel flower. Seriously, a gentleman can confidently construct an elegant presentation, and won’t even feel the pain of serious bank leaving, well, his bank. Where else can you locate a quality 7-fold necktie for $40.00? That’s right – nowhere. Visit The Knottery HERE for more details.


  • Neckties arrive in silk, wool, cotton, and linen
  • Necktie prices range between $25.00 and $40.00 (they have quirky nicknames too)
  • Wool felted lapel flowers will only set you back $8.00 per flower; currently there are 12 colors to choose from
  • Colored shoe laces, another gentleman’s favorite, will cost you $5.00 per pair; currently there are 17 colors to choose from
  • Pocket squares are available in wool, cotton, and silk; all priced at $15.00

hook + Albert

Color, color, and more color. That’s what it is all about at hook + Albert. Stylish gentlemen have already embraced vibrant color for years now. Don’t you think it’s time for you to join the gang. Color in your shoe laces. Color in your socks. Color in your lapel flowers. Boom, hook + Albert has totally got you covered. Our favorites – their collection of shoes laces. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Wait, this post is about cheap thrills and these shoe laces cost $32.00 – $64.00! True, but purchasing  a set of 4 will set you up for a lifetime. Well worth the investment in our opinion. Check it out for yourself HERE.


  • Collection includes shoe laces, shoe liners, socks, neckties, and flower lapels
  • Shoe laces are available in packs of 4, 5, or 9; priced $32.00, $40.00, and $64.00 respectively
  • This season, flower lapels are constructed of timeless fabrics which include wool, flannel, and tweed
  • Lapel flowers are priced at $26.00 and $30.00 respectively
  • Socks are a little pricey, clocking in at $30.00 per pair, but may be worth the fashion risk depending on pattern

Happy Socks

Please tell me you’re not still rocking those white cotton socks. Time for a change. And we’re not talking about the upcoming November 6th election either. Time to get happy, as in, time to get Happy Socks. Big stripes. Small stripes. Multi-stripes. Polka dots. And any other kind of funky pattern you can think of. Don’t you think it’s time to get happy. Visit their site and see what the fuss is all about – right HERE.


  • Designed in Sweden
  • Fabrics of choice may include blends of cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, mohair, and linen
  • Patterns of choice: polka dot, stripe, argyle, and some really, really funky print
  • 11 base hues that form color palettes
  • 1 jazzy pair will cost a gentleman $12.00

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