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Brooks Brothers Umbrella

Brooks Brothers

As unusual as it may seem, it is not uncommon to observe a certain breed of  gentleman, seemingly oblivious to the weather conditions around them, forgo the necessary accoutrements that grant protection and comfort from Mother Nature. Residing in Michigan, where the winter season is frigidly unflinching, I have spotted many men commuting to and fro, absent the requisite gear such as a hat, a pair of gloves, and even a coat. My humble opinion: That practice is simply insane. So, with spring headed our way, I am here to endorse a gentlemanly essential that should not be ignored – the gentleman’s umbrella. Yes, I have even spied gentlemen, leisurely strolling without a care as they are completely drenched by pouring rain. Don’t be that guy. Perhaps an umbrella is too old-fashioned nowadays. Well, I’ll just be old-fashioned, and comfortably dry. Maybe you will join me.

Standard Recommendations – The Gentleman’s Umbrella

UmbrellaDuring those dreary days of rainy, inclement weather; it is not unusual to find me carrying a trusty umbrella on my way to the office. My umbrella – a perpetual target of soft ridicule and surprising bewilderment. Bewilderment because no one really carries an umbrella as large as mine nowadays, and ridicule because, well, no one carries an umbrella as large as mine nowadays. But please forgive me, I am a gentleman with a moderate amount of girth on his frame, a dainty and frail umbrella just won’t cut it. I require more than adequate coverage when the day threatens to unleash a torrential downpour. And besides, on more than one occasion, I have found a companion, male or female, ducking under my umbrella because it was more than sufficient at handling the job. And they probably left their umbrella in the car. The benefit of owning a sturdy, hefty umbrella? First, the pros: maximum coverage, resists hurricane (not quite) winds, almost impossible to misplace, and you’ll look damn gentlemanly providing shelter for some umbrella-less soul in danger of being drenched. The cons, well, there aren’t any. Invest in quality one and stay dry.

Gent Hints

  • The canopy – the part that provides coverage – should fall somewhere between 40 and 50 inches in diameter. Any bigger and you are entering golf umbrella territory.
  • For your umbrella’s material, the canopy should be taut and made of nylon.
  • Durability is vital, therefore, we prefer a frame composed of steel. However, fiberglass and aluminum are also options that a gentleman can consider.
  • The shaft can also be made of the aforementioned materials, or a gentleman could select a wooden shaft for a touch of elegance and class.
  • The shaft should complement your height. In the interest of providing a reference point, I am approximately 6 feet tall, and end-to-end, my umbrella hits me right at the hip. It provides comfortable clearance for my head.
  • The handle should be ergonomic for easy handling. I prefer a textured rubber hand for secure gripping.
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