Review – Sebago – Crest Collection Docksides

IMG_3010It was an interesting concept that I had to ready my mind to absorb; I never fathomed that the intersection of luxury and a boat shoe was attainable. A boat shoe was, well, a typical boat shoe – a preppy staple reserved for outings on bodies of water or outings on land with a smoking barbecue grill nearby. Simply stated: It is the ultimate casual shoe with a small touch of style in some rare cases. Now, casual and luxury are not exactly synonymous. Nonetheless, Sebago is making the case that a boat shoe can be dipped in luxury by benefiting from rich materials and well-crafted construction. The Sebago Crest Collection strives to create an amalgamation of both casual and luxury with polished details and impeccable, tactile elements. Given the opportunity to slide into a pair, today we’re going to determine if the Sebago Docksides boat shoe is as good as advertised.

Sebago Collage


  • Sheepskin Lining – Soft to the touch and conforms to your foot over time for a custom feel.  The lining affords comfort, provides durability, and makes the boat shoe breathable.
  • Memory Foam – For cushion and support, memory foam grants immediate comfort that helps reduce fatigue and cradle the foot in soft, memory foam.
  • Leather Uppers – Rich leathers hand-selected from some of the finest tanneries in the world with the intent that they will only get better with age and use.
  • Genuine Leather Welt – Featured on select styles; provides added comfort and durability, and delivers a distinctive design aesthetic.


Gentlemanly Observations

  • Straight out of the box, I was thoroughly impressed with the ridiculously smooth, soft nubuck exteriors. The nap is ever so slight with a velvet touch. The texture can truly be appreciated both visually and physically.
  • From initial appearances, the construction is especially solid. The rubber outsole is extremely hard and sturdy, so the support is remarkable. Most boat shoes have a comparatively light construction for comfort. These boat shoes are built relatively tough, but with ease and comfort.
  • With or without socks – depending on your preference – the insole is very easy on the feet. However, if going sock-less, a gentleman can really feel the presence of the memory foam inside. The spongy interior conforms to the foot very nicely.
  • Also, with or without socks, the Docksides do run a little big. My foot can easily slide into a wide width; the boat shoes presented here are a medium. The medium, however, does feel a little substantial. I think to go up or down a size would be extreme, but understand your regular size may be slightly roomy.
  • Side-note: Although listed as breathable, depending on the weather, feet do sweat, so some talcum powder could help absorb moisture and possible odor.
  • With both pair being in the same box, I did notice that some of the red dye rubbed off on small areas areas of the adjacents soles. A gentleman may want to invest in a suede & nubuck protector to prevent discoloration. A good nubuck protector will also shield your kicks from water and stains.
  • The shoelaces are suitably thick to prevent breaking, but not so thick to prevent easy lacing.



  • Brass Eyelets – Rust-resistant hardware that is long-lasting, and features the Sebago name. Select styles only.
  • Leather Logo Flag – An update to our signature logo design. A rich leather tab with the unmistakeable Sebago logo. Select styles only.
  • Rubber Outsole – Fatured rubber sole on Docksides product and premium leather sole on the Cayman style. Rubber outsoles are non-marking and slip-resistant.

Sebago Collage 2Pros

  • The quality of leather is evident as soon as you open the box. From the smell to the touch, this is some serious nubuck here.
  • Incredibly comfortable with or without socks.
  • Most likely reserved for spring and summer use only, the superbly constructed Docksides should last a gentleman a lifetime. The design is not unnecessarily garish, so a gentleman need not worry about the Docksides dating itself.
  • 7 styles currently available – 6 in nubuck and 1 in leather
  • Each pair arrive equipped with super soft felt shoe bags – one for each shoe.



  • Some gentlemen will scoff at the price-tag. For a casual shoe that will only see the light of day during late spring and summer, $150.00 may be too much of an asking price.
  • The Crest Collection Docksides are a little roomy and narrow options are not available. So, if you are a gentleman with really skinny feet, these boat shoes may be too large. I would definitely suggest a trial run for fit.
  • Some gentlemen may not be too thrilled with the Sebago leather logo flag on the sides, but that is a little nit-picky to me. It is very small and definitely not too obtrusive. Nevertheless, understand that the branding is there on display.

Can a boat shoe add a touch of luxury to your shoe rotation? Preliminary findings suggest yes – thanks to the Sebago Crest Collection Docksides. Are the Crest Collection Docksides for you? Well, depending on your lifestyle and budget, this premium boat shoe will be a great investment in style.

Interested yet? If you are, head over to Sebago HERE to check it out yourself. Also available at Macy’s, Nordstrom, or any fine men’s department store.


Stay stylish gentlemen!
Gentlemen’s Standard Approved
Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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