The Standard #39

CloudsSometimes success cannot be realized without the presence of adversity and hardship. To summon a gentleman’s absolute best, on occasion, his goals must be subjected to strain and threatened with the possibility of failure. Confronted with the reality of such disappointment, burdened with seemingly perpetual stress, a gentleman must call upon his courage to persevere and transform his aspirations into an actuality. To secure his accomplishments, the successful gentleman is fully cognizant of the sacrifice, discipline, and resilience required to obtain his goals. He understands that setbacks are not to be considered failures, rather they serve as moment of educational reflection to reevaluate his methodology and proceed with meeting his objectives accordingly. On his way to success, undoubtedly there will be struggle, doubt, and fear. However, his will to succeed, to bring about the best he has offer, far outweighs the specter of defeat.

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