A Nation of Values

waterUnrestricted by constraints of any specific time in history, the negligent pursuit for profit, unabashedly driven by parsimony, has affected individuals bearing a low socioeconomic class with an unfortunate recurring basis – and with great detriment. Perhaps consciously or subconsciously, societal marginalization has always deemed people falling on this lower socioeconomic scale as expendable. It is this tacit acceptance that fuels the unwritten belief that some lives are more disposable than others. It is what drives certain political and economic decisions, fraught with peril, that would never be acceptable with demographics that are perceived to possess a higher pedigree. With the poor, disenfranchised, and underserved; risk becomes justifiable, chance becomes standard operating procedure. Touted as a nation of values, history has repeatedly demonstrated this: The values championed by society’s chosen elite are sometimes defined by the promise of monetary reward rather than the encouragement of virtue and moral character. It is this belief that is more criminal than the unfortunate, negative consequences that arise in its wake, as it is this belief that continues the cycle of miserly apathy that deprives our underserved population of equality and fairness. This country needs to do better.

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