Style & Substance – Gentleman’s Animal Print

Paul Smith Animal Print PS

Paul Smith

In the interest of being open and honest with the public, for the record, I am definitely not a proponent of wearing animal print. Now, I cannot place a definitive finger on the reason, but the prospect of fashioning myself in zebra or cheetah hide is not at all appealing. Even when slyly utilized as a discreet accessory, the presentation leaves much to be desired. Perhaps it is my slightly conservative sartorial leanings that prejudice my viewpoint. As I have stated in the past, the sartorial realm offers no hard and fast rules or regulations, everything is a matter of personal preference. Therefore, I cannot dispatch a significant argument opposing animal print, other than calling attention to the distinct possibility of it being a trendy novelty. It could exhibit some meaningful longevity. Conversely, its popularity could be brief. Nevertheless, if you have the luxury of possessing disposable income, and your personal style is a little adventurous, animal print may suit you just fine. And for those gentlemen that prefer subtlety, we will stick with boring checks, dots, and stripes in the trusty repertoire.

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