Style & Substance – Harris Tweed Gloves

Harris Tweed GlovesThe incremental resurgence of interest in menswear has not been without some miscues and missteps. The elasticity of sartorial boundaries have been rigorously tested; stretched to the extreme limits of creativity without total rupture, the contemporary gentleman has enjoyed a dandy of time with a myriad of newly minted options. Nevertheless, it would be wise to eschew said options that are unabashedly a gimmick, a sartorial device only utilized to elicit a look-at-me reaction. Instead, embrace the basics – with just hint new age flavor that doesn’t straddle the lines of the ridiculous. Such as the cadre of gloves above. Here we have a basic staple (the gloves) combined with age-old cloth (Harris Tweed) to produce a stunning, fresh reinterpretation of an old classic. No gimmicks, just freshness all around. Sometimes…that’s all a gentleman requires.


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