Fashion Find – Ted Baker Plaid Cotton/Silk Necktie

Ted Baker Cotton PlaidPlease believe me when I tell you this: The Ted Baker necktie that you see above will not last too much longer. Seriously. We are speaking of a Ted Baker offering, woven in a beautiful blend of cotton and silk, discounted down to an absurdly low $19.00. Yes, you read that correctly – a ridiculous $19.00. Originally retailing for $79.50; this is quite a bargain. I own more than a few Ted Baker neckties, particular cotton & silk selections, and I can certainly attest to the quality. Bonus: Plaid is killing it this season. Bonus II: Green is killing it this season. A gentleman cannot lose with this one.

Grab this beauty before it is gone!


And the stock has been depleted. You know I ordered mine. Hope you were as successful. Pictures to come.

One response

  1. This is a slick tie. My usually philosophy is to stock up on high-quality, well-tailored basics and work your style into creative accents (like this tie). You can create endless style combinations that way — plus, you’ll save a bit of money.

    Cheers for the good article 🙂
    Perrin from A Penny Shaved


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