Brotherly Love

Suit Supply Pea CoatThe indomitable pea coat…immediately thoughts summon the visual of a rough and ready autumn/winter coat, more than ready to engage the impending onslaught of cooler temperatures. Fashioned with its signature double-breasted construction, heavy woolen fabric, and broad lapels for added wintry protection; the pea coat is a piece of outerwear that every – yes, every – gentleman should have hanging in the closet. Here, with the assistance of one sharp brother, Suit Supply shows you the how and why. Boom!

Black Thought

frederick_douglass“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard on incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and incur my own abhorrence.”

-Frederick Douglass

At the close of the regular business day, a gentleman is who he has to live with. If he constantly compromises his ideology for the appeasement of others, he is at risk of losing his identity. He is at risk of losing his credibility. Remaining true to your character is what makes you unique. Authenticity is paramount. It is essential, it is vital to a gentleman’s character. While it is often terribly difficult not to follow the crowd, you will receive the respect & admiration from people for standing on your principles. Most important, you will respect yourself. A gentleman should never acquiesce, he should never tacitly sacrifice his core beliefs because he is fearful of public derision. Stand firm. You are a gentleman of strong character and substance. You may incur differing amounts of ridicule, however, rest assured that those individuals admire your strength and resolve. And they should.

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