Style & Substance – Breaking Plaid – The Ubiquitous Pattern of the Season

A. Olch Plaid Pocket SquareAlexander Olch

Please gentlemen, do not be mistaken, this isn’t your great grandfather’s plaid. Embarrassingly fusty. Slightly stodgy. Obliviously dated. No, this contemporary rendition is different in every facet imaginable. To be certain, gone are the days of grumpy and grouchy checks, and in its place we have at our disposal something brazenly hip, something resolutely ballsy. Trust, the tradition remains intact, but do not confuse tradition with antiquity. Today’s plaid does not break from tradition, it merely turns up the volume. The intersections of vertical and horizontal lines are more adventurous; blazing a path of varying widths and lengths. The color choices are plentiful and unconventional; anything from eggplant purple to forest green is confidently on the table. And the instruments for which a gentleman can demonstrate his sartorial expertise: sport coats, neckties, pocket squares, dress shirts, etc. Again, any and everything is on the table. This autumn, the department stores are stocked to capacity with plaid offerings. So, a gentleman might as well dismiss his visions of those nightmarish plaids from yesteryear, and instead select at least one bold plaid furnishing to add to his inventory. It could be as subtle as a pocket square. Or, it could be as showy as a sport coat. Either way, the most ubiquitous pattern this autumn begs for spot in your closet.

The Standard #25

responsibilityThe responsible gentleman understands the principles of accountability. Ownership. Culpability. Obligation. Any attempt to avoid or avert responsibility is not entertained. If his conduct is unbecoming or offensive, he does not contort his face with surprised expressions of coy denial. No, he exhibits the correct amount of sincere compunction, and he actively searches for a viable resolution to atone for his actions. He is not seeking total absolution, as he understands the act of forgiveness is a process – a sometimes complicated process. His only objective is to acknowledge his guilt, offer an earnest apology, and establish a suitable resolution. That is the standard he abides by, as that is the only standard he knows. Ensure that you know it too.

Black Thought

esq-james-meredith-0113-lg“What any human being can do in life depends upon the foundation laid between birth and age five.”

 James Meredith

We are teachers – in some form or another. Now, perhaps a majority of the reading audience are devoid of the appropriate formal certification, but we are indeed teachers nonetheless. Knowingly or unknowingly instructing through our behavior, language, and actions; we shape and mold young, virginal, and formless minds. That cannot be taken for granted. We are, first and foremost, the foreman of fashioning intellectual promise, building emotional stability, and framing principled character. During those early formative years, our guidance and instruction is needed – no – it is desperately crucial to a child’s development. Their future hinges on what we teach them in the present. And that is where we should be – present; never absent from their growth and maturation. It is time for us to lead by example. We are the models of morality. We are the cultivators of character. We are the installers of integrity. We enable enthusiasm for education, and we advocate the accrual of astounding accomplishments. The foundation is ready to be laid. Let’s not wait any longer.

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