Standard Recommendations – Colored Shoelaces

1901 Shoelaces 1Gentlemen, it is officially summer, and the time has arrived to lace up with some colored shoe laces. And by colored – we mean brightly colored. Beyond the rudimentary selections that you are accustomed to – you know – the unenthusiastic shades of black and brown, there exists a bright brave world of sprightly shoestrings ready to secure your kicks to your feet. The vibrant colors can add a bit of playful charm to a gentleman’s presentation. Totally unexpected, but undoubtedly stylish. This endorsement is not surprising, as I have championed the utilization of jazzy hued laces before. So, to further drive the point home, I decided to photograph a pack of 1901 shoelaces that I purchased from Nordstrom. This 7 pack of organic waxed cotton laces is not only great for summer play, but I can see these making a surprise cameo in the fall. However, let’s not rush autumn in prematurely. We still have plenty of summer days to enjoy.

1901 Shoelaces 2 1901 Shoelaces 3 1901 Shoelaces 4

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