Style & Substance – The Gentleman’s Slipper

Charles Philip Shanghai

I could be totally mistaken here, but I have always held the assumption that slippers are to be worn within the confines of one’s humble abode. However, with greater and greater frequency, I am noticing that slippers have gravitated beyond the walls of the household and onto the concrete walkway. And I am not referring to the casual stroll down the driveway to retrieve the daily newspaper either. No, gentlemen are rocking slippers as if they are your standard pair of loafers. With denim jeans. With khakis. Even with dress trousers. Now, take the example above, these slippers by Charles Philip Shanghai are definitely a handsome spectacle to beyond, but I am fearful that the construction will not sustain a repeated beating against the hard pavement. Consisting of a suede upper, cotton lining, and rubber sole; perhaps these puppies are meant to be worn around the office on a casual Friday. It just seems like these are designed for a flair of rakish eccentricity and not serious pavement pounding. But again, I could be wrong. Nevertheless, at $175.00, I’m not willing to take a chance.

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