Style & Substance – The Polka Dot Pocket Square

Richard James
So, the gentleman’s word on the avenue is polka dot will be a popular pattern in accessories when autumn arrives in a few months. Which is terrific news for me because I started procuring a few polka dot neckties and pocket squares a couple of years ago. Classic patterns, when utilized properly and smartly, will never fade into obscurity. The fact is: Some patterns are simply more popular than others during varying moments in time. Now it is time for polka dots to receive a little shine. And as coincidence would have it, this chocolate and blue beauty caught my eye over at Mr Porter just yesterday. Sure, some gentlemen may be apprehensive about pairing blue and brown. And sure, the polka dot pattern is a little pronounced here. Nevertheless, this is the kind of visual flair that can elevate an otherwise serious sport coat or suit jacket. If the gentleman is careful in keeping any pattern in his dress shirt, his necktie, or even his jacket in check – there shouldn’t be any reason why you cannot rock this pocket square with reckless elegance. I see this handsome square brashly tucked in the breast pocket of a medium gray suit.  Yes – I said gray suit. Topped off with some chocolate oxfords. Killer!

Style & Substance – The Gentleman’s Slipper

Charles Philip Shanghai

I could be totally mistaken here, but I have always held the assumption that slippers are to be worn within the confines of one’s humble abode. However, with greater and greater frequency, I am noticing that slippers have gravitated beyond the walls of the household and onto the concrete walkway. And I am not referring to the casual stroll down the driveway to retrieve the daily newspaper either. No, gentlemen are rocking slippers as if they are your standard pair of loafers. With denim jeans. With khakis. Even with dress trousers. Now, take the example above, these slippers by Charles Philip Shanghai are definitely a handsome spectacle to beyond, but I am fearful that the construction will not sustain a repeated beating against the hard pavement. Consisting of a suede upper, cotton lining, and rubber sole; perhaps these puppies are meant to be worn around the office on a casual Friday. It just seems like these are designed for a flair of rakish eccentricity and not serious pavement pounding. But again, I could be wrong. Nevertheless, at $175.00, I’m not willing to take a chance.

Black Thought

“Let us realize too that even we disenfranchised have our duties.”

W.E.B. Du Bois

Responsibility. Every gentleman owns a select portion of this in his community. Regardless of his limiting socioeconomic circumstances, a gentleman must deliver the very best of his talents for the improvement of his neighborhood. I definitely understand that this may be difficult for some gentlemen. One may feel that their status in society does not meet acceptable or suitable standards. However, I say to those individuals who may feel as if life has dealt a cruel poker hand; you still have much to offer. Do not sit idle and allow your gifts to waste and rot. Your community patiently awaits your arrival. Waiting for the “right” time when everything is correct in the world is not an option. What if the “right” time never arrives? The only right time is right now. Do not hesitate. Do not second guess. You are stronger, more intelligent, and more talented than you might realize; it is your duty to improve the environment around you. You possess the necessary tools to make a difference. Act now!

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