Style & Substance – Timex Easy Reader

Timex Easy ReaderUnderstandably, today’s sartorial entry may elicit a faint feeling of perplexity and bewilderment, as the audience may have grown accustomed to the occasional focus on a myriad of gentlemen’s furnishings that bear a hefty price-tag. And as that may warrant a slight hint of truth, nonetheless, I am not a devoted slave to popular brands or expensive sticker prices. I am more drawn to what is visually satisfying, competent and proficient in performance, and soundly functional in utility. Sure, I have a few pricey items in my wardrobe, but I also have just as many that reflect frugality.

Now, one of those excursions into frugality has brought me to my latest purchase – the Timex Easy Reader. Clocking in, pardon the pun, at an insanely low price of $65.00, this was a purchase that I could not ignore. Coupled with the fact that I also received 20 percent off the retail price; this was really a no-brainer. I was compelled to act.

Simplistically elegant in its design, this basic timepiece is the perfect companion for both business and business-casual attire. I opted for both the black and brown selections for versatility. The face appears to be a tad big, but I’m a big guy myself, so I don’t see any problems that may arise. Now, I know some gentleman are devout followers of more expensive timepieces. However, oddly enough, I have never been big on watches myself. So, this basic beauty, complete with large numerals and indiglo lighting for my compromised vision, is just right for me. Can’t wait for shipment!

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