Gentlemen’s Review – The Art of Shaving & Bolin Webb – The Body Razor

IMG_2462For all intents and purposes, the intimate ritual of shaving does not hold the type of reputation that can be confused with a luxurious experience. The process is quick and dirty; a necessary act designed to quell the testosterone driven fuzz that sprouts abundantly en masse on a gentleman’s body. Alas, perhaps this practice of grooming should hold that reputation of luxury. However, the modern gentleman is not conditioned to pamper himself with such trivial matters, although the exercise of gliding a sharpened blade across one’s skin should not be considered trivial. But I digress, yes, we are not encouraged to pamper ourselves – it’s just not manly. Well, if spending a little more time in the mirror threatens the delicate balance masculinity and effeminacy, you are going to love – I’m being sarcastic here – today’s subject of review: the new Gillette BODY razor.

First, the assertion: The new Gillette body razor is specifically designed to suitably handle the gentlemanly terrain. Second, the specifications: The Gillette body razor is equipped with a triple bladed pivoting head with rounded edges and laced with three lubricating strips to ensure a smooth, steady shave. Third, the edge: The Gillette body razor cartridge has been fused with the Bolin Webb R1 razor handle to produce a classy shaving experience. And trust, the R1 is unlike any other razor handle that you have wielded in your palm. Sexy and sleek, its signature curvature sets it apart from other razor handles on the market. Now, if you have never heard of Bolin Webb, no worries friend, neither had I until a few weeks ago. Therefore, here is a little background information to digest.

IMG_2466Based in Uppingham, Rutland; Bolin Webb is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality grooming products for distinguished gentlemen that fancy a touch of sophistication when shaving. Bolin Webb is a privately owned limited company founded by Derrick Webb in 2009. Its first product is the R1 razor, which was launched in May 2011. Boasting a curved, streamlined body; their razor handles are compatible with either the Gillette Fusion or Mach3 blades. All of the Bolin Webb handles are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Currently, there are three razor handles available for purchase: the X1, R1, and R1-S. As previously mentioned, the R1 is under the microscope today. Now, with that bit of background information on the record, let’s dive into my gentlemanly observations and break it all down.

IMG_2467 IMG_2469Gentlemanly Observations


  • Let’s begin with the remarkably striking, sleek design. The stylishly curved handle is sheathed in a lacquered black metal coat with its underside padded with bacteria resistant rubber which ensures a firm grip and good hygiene. The presentation is both innovative and creative.
  • The R1 handle is designed to accept both the Gillette Mach3 shaving blade cartridge and the new Gillette BODY grooming cartridge.
  • Equipped with a smaller pivoting head with rounded edges for shaving in tight areas.
  • Handle is very lightweight with a firm grip for handling and shaving. It also has an easy to use release button to change cartridges.
  • No irritation, ingrown hairs, or nicks were experienced. However, please note that I shaved while showering, which is highly recommended.
  • The cartridge only has three blades, so the skin should be less irritated – in theory.


  • If you are a gentleman with a considerable amount of growth and your hair is fairly tough, I would highly recommend the utilization of an electric razor to trim away thickness and then use the body razor to smooth out the areas of interest.
  • Razor cartridges have a tendency to dull and become worn sooner rather than later. So, you may find yourself constantly buying packs of them. That can be mitigated if you are able to purchase a value pack from either a Costco or Sam’s Club if it is available.
  • If art and design are at the bottom of your priorities when shaving, the R1 may not be a suitable fit for you. Retailing at $95.00, you will have to decide if your shave warrants an artistic touch of luxury that arrives with a luxurious price-tag.

If you are looking for a unique, albeit pricey, shaving experience and you don’t hold any reservations regarding shaving those manly areas South of your neck, the new Gillette Body Razor may be worth a look. Be advised, it is available both with the Bolin Webb R1 handle and the regular Gillette handle. The choice is yours, the links are below.

The Art of Shaving Body Razor

Gillette Body Razor

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved
Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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  1. Thank you for your review on the “Body Razor.” We are glad that you had a positive experience with this item. Not only is shaving confined to just an “on your face” experience, but it extends even further to, as you said, “…those manly areas South of your neck….” No matter what choice you go for, remember to treat yourself as the standard you are – a gentleman.


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