The Standard #32

CloudsTo be certain, there may exist a myriad of reasons from which a gentleman can derive the proper motivation for achievement and success. His motivation may arrive from varying sources that are both intensely intimate and personal. And certainly, no one should hold the presumption that they can dictate how the aforementioned gentleman summons that motivation. Nonetheless, perhaps we can gently suggest that one’s inspiration for greatness originate from love, compassion, and positivity. To extract inspiration from anger, hurt, and bitterness is not wise stewardship of one’s time and energy. To enjoy the beautiful rewards of future successes, a gentleman must subject himself to painful reminders of the past. Is such a place worth revisiting?

Humbly, I submit that it is not. An accomplished gentleman need not be driven by pain to succeed, as his greatness is deeply rooted in the affirmation that he is already great to begin with; only a positive focus is required to bring it to fruition. To embrace pain and suffering in effort to be successful is counterintuitive, and psychological wounds will never be afforded appropriate healing if one chooses to persistently pick at the scabs. You’re better than that. You are already great. Positively focus on your happiness and accomplishments. Going forward, your pain will not be empowered. Your time and effort will be better utilized because you have better things to do – like succeeding. Let’s go!

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  1. Do you know me personally? These last couple of postings have really made me move in the last couple of days. As a black man in today’s society, I get tired of being invisible. However, I think I have been paralyzed with the fear of letting the world hear my heart. I think perhaps I may be met with great rejection, and that no one cares to hear what I have to offer. Based upon today’s posting, I need to believe what’s in my heart first, then share it. I’m at that place and ready for the next phase of my life.

    Thank you again Mr. Palmer!


    • You are welcome. And thank you for sharing what was on your mind. Sometimes it is hard to speak what is in your heart. Writing this blog is somewhat of a release for me personally. In many ways, it acts like an open diary. I’m just happy people are able to take away something tangible with my entries. Thanks again for sharing.


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