Black Thought

WEB_DuBois_19181“Let us realize too that even we disenfranchised have our duties.”

-W.E.B. Du Bois

Responsibility. Every gentleman owns a select portion of this in his community. Regardless of his limiting socioeconomic circumstances, a gentleman must deliver the very best of his talents for the improvement of his neighborhood. I definitely understand that this may be difficult for some gentlemen. One may feel that their status in society does not meet acceptable or suitable standards. However, I say to those individuals who may feel as if life has dealt a cruel poker hand; you still have much to offer. Do not sit idle and allow your gifts to waste and rot. Your community patiently awaits your arrival. Waiting for the “right” time when everything is correct in the world is not an option. What if the “right” time never arrives? The only right time is right now. Do not hesitate. Do not second guess. You are stronger, more intelligent, and more talented than you might realize; it is your duty to improve the environment around you. You possess the necessary tools to make a difference. Act now!

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  1. This was perfect! I am at a transition point in my career life, and for the past seven months I’ve been frozen waiting for the “perfect” moment that is never going to come. Thank you Mr. Palmer for sharing such “loosening” reality! You are a true sage in our society!



    • Thanks again. I actually have not had a chance to post as much due to the birth of my daughter, but I actually got a new position at my job. I’ve been meaning to write about it because it was a pressure filled time for me. Daughter on the way. A possibility of my pay being reduced. There was a position opening and I had to go for it. In the career world, one has to be aggressive. I have had to gradually learn that lesson. Thanks again for the comments, and I truly need to get to work on that post!


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