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Armstrong & Wilson from Derrick Woodyard on Vimeo.

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  1. Mr. Palmer,
    Hope you are having a blessed start to this frigid new year! I wanted to ask if any Armstrong and Wilson squares have a home in your arsenal of accoutrements? If so, can you comment on the quality and is the price proint justfied?
    Be Well


  2. It’s funny you ask that because I was planning on doing a review on them. I have 3 pocket squares that I have ordered, and yes, they are extremely nice. Of course, what might turn some people away is the price tag – they are expensive for a pocket square. However, the quality and variety justifies the cost in my opinion. Nevertheless, unless you have the finances, I wouldn’t advise running out and buying a truck load of them. However, I am a collector, and I set aside the funds to add a few to my collection. Truthfully, I had been looking to make the leap for a year or so, and when I scored a new position at work, I decided to treat myself. So, stay tuned for the review, I have to set aside time to take pictures and what not.


    • I agree with you they are nice, but like you said they are pricey $80; overpriced for a pocket square if you ask me. I understand some are 100% wool, linen.. etc. But I looked around and the tie bar has 100% wool pocket squares for $10.. the only difference is the leather button A&W adds as a nice feature, But I still cant see the $80 justification in price..Sure they can be in the high end category for PS’s.. I’d say $20-$30 Tops..


      • I have pocket squares from both Tie Bar and Armstrong & Wilson. The ones offered by A&W are much better, but I understand the price is pretty high for either a wool or cashmere option. The ones offered by A&W are a specialty item. As I explained in my review, I waited until purchasing a few until it was financially feasible. With a promotion at work, I decided to treat myself. I had been looking at them for a couple of years, but never pulled the trigger. I can’t say that I’ll be stocking my entire pocket square collection with them, but having a few is nice though.


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