Gentlemen’s Review – Zirh International – Shampoo Thickening

Zirh ShampooFor those individuals who might be uninformed; the follicles on my head have long ceased to produce any type of meaningful growth. I have honorably accepted the reality that the economy isn’t the only thing to experience a recession in the past decade. Yes friends, my hairline has incrementally retreated towards the back of my skull.  Moreover, the surviving slivers of my youth are so microscopically thin; utilizing a brush is so laughable at juncture that I don’t even bother with the thought. Now, I am not the kind of gentleman that is going to wage an assault against Father Time, so I usually take a straight edge to my cranium and mow it all off. Thankfully, I have a melon shaped head, so the look works for me. So, why is there a picture of shampoo above?

Well, a public relations representative reached out to me with the prospect of using the shampoo pictured above for my beard. Yes, my beard! Now, my facial landscape is one area that produces a hirsute bounty of Rick Ross proportions. It was explained to me that the Zirh Shampoo Thickening could afford my beard all the conditioning and cleaning benefits that my head would receive – if I had hair. To be truthful, I usually use soap and call it a day. However, bar soap is notorious for drying out the skin, and sometimes the issue of flaking can be bothersome, and not to mention – embarrassing.

So, I was more than willing to experiment and treat my beard to a nice shampoo in the shower. After a month of usage, overall, I was quite pleased with the results. My beard has always been moderately thick, but the growth is noticeably fuller. However, if your beard is pretty scant anyway, I cannot promise you a beard like the Duck Dynasty gentlemen. Nevertheless, my mug is softer and my beard generally looks a little better. It was a pleasant change of pace from my regular grooming regiment, so I cannot complain. So, is Zirh Shampoo Thickening for you? Check out my observations below and decide.


  • The shampoo itself is clear with a light, smooth gel consistency.
  • Required amount for a nice rich lather: just a small nickel sized drop – if that. Apply a small amount in your palm, gently rub both hands together, and apply to your wet beard for some really good foaming action.
  • And speaking of foam, the resulting lather is swift and abundant. There really isn’t a need for extra after the initial application.
  • However, it should be noted that it could take more for others since I was using the product strictly for my beard.
  • It should also be noted that as an African-American male, my facial hair could be coarser than most. But even for my type of hair, I didn’t have to use a lot.
  • Personally, when applying anything on my face, I prefer a scent that is not too overbearing. Fortunately, the Zirh Shampoo Thickening has fresh hints peppermint that are really quite pleasant.
  • Unlike soap, it did not dry out my skin and flaking was not an issue afterwards.
  • Also, rinsing was not an issue as all of the shampoo washed away without any worrisome residue.
  • Even without the usage of their conditioning product (which I plan to purchase), my beard was left pretty darn soft after hopping out the shower.
  • Expect to pay a retail price of $20.00 for a 12 fluid ounce bottle. However, keep in mind that a little really goes a long way. And I doubt that a gentleman would be shampooing his beard more than 3-4 times per week.

Product Specifications

Zirh Thickening Shampoo

Helps hair look thicker and fuller and keeps the scalp healthy. Potent body-building ingredients get lathered into the hair shaft to help increase the thickness of each strand for a full appearance.

Key Ingredients

  • Biotin: Essential nutrient to support healthy hair.
  • Silk & Keratin Proteins: Film forming proteins support body, fullness and thickness.
  • Blend of Nutrients, Proteins and Humectants: Helps hair look fuller, thicker and healthier.
  • SLES, Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Foam boosters that remove residue for a healthy scalp.

For more information about Zirh products, please visit Zirh HERE for more details.

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved

Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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