4 Influential Black Bloggers You Should Know – One Is Me!

InfluencersApologies. Some people may be unaware, but aside from my writing and blogging escapades, I actually maintain regular 9 to 5 employment. On occasion, time quietly evades me. And so, apologies. I have not been able to share some fantastic news with the audience. That news: I have been named as one of four influential black bloggers that the public should know, as deemed by AT&T The Bridge. Truly, I am humbled. This blog occupies a fairly miniscule portion of the Internet universe, so to be recognized as an influential blogger of color is awesome. Yes, awesome. And in other awesome news, I have been selected to be a contributor to the Details’ network of fashion writers across that same Internet universe. Perhaps you may have noticed my Details badge at the bottom of the page. August was a great month. Up next…presenting a workshop at Covenant House Detroit that will focus on the importance of dressing well for job interviews. I am excited and I will be sure to share with the audience after the presentation ends. I promise.

Check the AT&T The Bridge article here.


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  1. First, I would like to extend a congratulations to you.

    However, there was a time when I originally wrote to you and asked you for some tips and pointers on my blog and you brushed me off. I am an African American writer, blogger, or whatever you would like to call it, and I found your blog to be very informative and entertaining. I actually admired your writing style and thought you were offering men of color a fabulous alternative to seeing the usual GQ or Esquire type blogs. It seems that you may have the same bourgeoise attitude that those same publications have.

    It’s great that you have been deemed influential, but what good is it when you brush off your own brothers?

    Best wishes Glen!


  2. It was a while back before you transitioned to your current page setup. I emailed you to be a fellow blogger on your page, and you never responded. However, you were asking for sign ups.


    • Well, after your first comment, I searched my inbox for your e-mail address and came up with nothing. And honestly, I think your assessment of my character being seemingly bourgeois and not caring about my brothers to be a little harsh. Which seems to be derived from me not answering an e-mail. So, a few things may have occurred. First, your e-mail could have went directly to my junk mail. Second, you perhaps have me confused with another blogger. Or third, I may have simply overlooked it. Just to be clear, outside of blogging, I do have a regular 9 to 5 job that comes with its own demands. I also have a wife, a family. I also mentor “my brothers” in the community. And yes, my inbox sometimes swells with spam, product requests, e-mails from friends, and other miscellaneous e-mails. I do my best to try and answer everyone, but again, I am a one man operation over here. Blogging is like a non-paying second job. And given that you stated that you sent your e-mail during the time of my transition from Blogger to WordPress, yes, maybe some e-mails did sneak past me. I don’t think that amounts to me being bourgeois or brushing you off. And honestly, although I have had ONE individual contribute a post in 5 years, all material is written by me, so I really don’t remember soliciting sign-ups for writers. If there really was an honest misunderstanding, I wish you would have just left a comment asking me to e-mail you, or send me a private tweet, or something. That would have been better.

      PS. I am totally willing to look at your site if you want to shoot the link to me.


      • Glen, first let me apologize publicly to you. Sorry for the late reply. You are correct. I did get you mixed up with someone else. There was a call, for writers to an Examiner type blog site. I sent in a email and they never responded. The night I did that, I cam across your site and thought I emailed you. However, I decided to wait.

        I too checked my email and found none sent to you nor your email address saved in my contacts.

        I greatly apologize for the misunderstanding.

        As you can see, I get very passionate about my offerings in this trade.

        I am also a married father of three with a 9-5 job and a limited amount of time to blog.

        I love fashion, but unfortunately as you stated its not the most generous in salary at its beginnings.

        My content is a bit different from yours in that I suggest how to style pieces versus give a commentary on their popularity and trending.

        I finally started a blog a while back on the Examiner website because I couldn’t find a site dedicated to men of color. It seems we ave slim pickings on the web when it comes to us, or maybe my search skills are too shallow.

        Again, I humbly apologize for the attack to your character my brother, and next time I’ll be slower in my accusations.

        Any suggestions you could offer would be quite helpful.

        Congrats on your recognition, and keep up the awesome blog!



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