Gentlemen’s Review – Bic – Bic Flex 4 Perfect Razor

Bic Flex 4Today, we are going to talk about a subject that elicits feverish passion every time the subject is examined. If you reference the picture above, of course we are talking about shaving. Yes, this simple grooming ritual seems to fire up gentlemen across the nation when we broach the discussion here on the site. In one corner, we have gentlemen that prefer the ubiquitous safety razor. And in the opposite corner, we have gentlemen that prefer a classic straight razor. And in another corner, we have a contender that no one every speaks of – the disposable razor. Truthfully, I have never written about disposable razors because I never utilize them. The handling is clumsy. They are terribly stiff. And the blade is not comfortable. Nevertheless, I was extended the opportunity to trial the new Bic Flex 4 Perfect Razor. Ironically, the Flex 4 may be marketed as a disposable razor, but it didn’t “feel” like a disposable razor. Please read further to understand what I mean.


  • Disposable razors are notoriously stiff, meaning the handle is rigidly straight and the head doesn’t pivot. However, the Flex 4 has a soft contour throughout the body that affords better handling.
  • And unlike your standard disposable razor, The Flex 4 also features a head that pivots. But be forewarned, the pivot range is not as wide as what you might enjoy with a safety razor.
  • Given the limited range of pivot, I would only use the Flex 4 on the face and neck area; my safety razor would still be deployed for heavy-duty jobs like shaving my head.
  • The handle is substantially sturdy, but not too bulky. You can drop it and it won’t shatter.
  • The handle is discreetly textured for a better grip while in the shower.
  • Grants a suitably smooth shave for light to moderate growth.
  • Perfect for the gentleman away from home, but still might need a shave on the move. On vacation, at the gym, or a business trip are a few examples. The plastic sleeve that slides over the blade is perfect for allowing a gentleman to toss one in his duffel bag if needed.
  • If a gentleman shaves every other day, expect to extract a month’s usage from a single razor.
  • Retails for approximately $6.00 for a package of 3 EA.

Product Specifications

  •  Four independent spring-mounted blades: distributes and absorbs the pressure of the blades for an ultra-soft shave (3 shavers per package)
  • Quick and easy to rinse
  • Large lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E for a better glide. Delivers a smooth and optimal shave
  • Extra thick rubber guard bar: better stretch of the skin for more precision
  • Pivoting head follows the sensitive contours of the face
  • Handle with an ergonomic grip provides a better handling for a comfortable shave

For more information about this Bic product, please visit Bic HERE for more details.

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved

Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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