Standard Recommendations – Deodorant – Apologies to Tom Ford & GQ

Dove-Mens-Care-deodorantYou can file the following under dubious advice of the month. Tom Ford is not a believer of deodorant. As a matter of fact, he favors the natural aroma of perspiration. He thinks it is sexy. No – seriously. I read it in the November 2013 edition of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Apologies, I meant GQ. Anyway, as I flipped through a pictorial featuring wardrobe upgrades from Mr. Ford himself, I found myself amused by a set of grooming commandments that accompanied the article. Checking in at #10 – resisting the temptation of utilizing deodorant. Now truthfully, I don’t know if someone is supposed to take this bit of wisdom seriously, but I did not see anything that alluded to humor in parentheses.

Therefore, allow me to present my own nugget of grooming wisdom: Gentlemen, please employ the services of some form of an antiperspirant. Yes, sweat may look sexy on a glossy fold-out of a scantily clad Beyonce, but we all know better. Trust, unless you discover yourself within the throes of passion and your sweat is a natural byproduct from all that bed-rocking, it would be wise to apply a few strokes of Right Guard under those pits. This is especially true if said pits are abundant with bushy hair; those follicles will lovingly marinate in all that funk and musk. What is the point of a clean, stylish presentation if squiggly rays of funk are radiating off your person like a smelly character from a comic strip? But I digress, it is really simple gentlemen, sweat and funk does not work in your favor. Groom accordingly, use some deodorant. Sorry GQ, but it had to be said.

Gent Hints – Deodorant…On Your Feet?

Dove-Mens-Care-deodorantFirst, allow me to offer an earnest apology, as the following statement can probably be filed under “too much information” – I’m sorry audience. Really, I am. So, with that bit of written remorse on the record, I want to tell the audience this: Sometimes, my feet perspire. Yes, sometimes, they can get downright sweaty if the weather aids and abets the process. Now normally, a little baby powder proves to be an easy remedy for this problem. However, there exists another solution for this bothersome dilemma. And that solution, wait for it – deodorant. More specifically, an antiperspirant, of course, to deter sweat. Thumbing through my newly purchased Big Black Book Spring 2013, I came across this nifty problem-solver in one of the articles. Intrigued, I retrieved a stick of Dove deodorant from my dresser drawer after a hot shower, and I put Esquire’s advice to the test.

I didn’t use gel because the thought of gel on my feet didn’t seem at all appealing. I wanted something that would roll on dry. Starting at the toes, I applied the deodorant the length of both feet with extra attention granted in the middle. And so, after a few days of my experiment, it really worked. And when I really think about it, why wouldn’t it? It functions the same way as if it were under your armpits – reducing sweat and neutralizing odor. So now I have two sticks of deodorant: one for the pits and the other for the dogs. So, if your feet have the propensity to generate undesirable amounts of sweat, I highly suggest re-purposing a stick of deodorant to combat the problem. You won’t regret it!

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