Profile – Brian Mulreany – Executive Shaving Company

Executive Shaving

So, if you have been following this blog for any indeterminate amount time, you will probably know that the ritual of shaving and grooming has been discussed quite thoroughly, if not far too much. Nevertheless, here we are again, intimately discussing shaving. Trust, gentlemen really want to know about this. Only this time around, we have the pleasure of having grooming expert, Brian Mulreany, expound on the present topic that appears to garner a passionate opinion from men everywhere. Presently, Mulreany is co-owner and sales director at Executive Shaving in the United Kingdom. The Executive Shaving Company is one of the largest shaving and grooming suppliers in Europe. So, let’s dive right in, pick Mr. Mulreany’s brain, and see just exactly how a gentleman should be shaving.

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Profile – Gianni Cerutti – Passaggio Cravatte

My necktie collection is quite extensive – seriously, I probably don’t need to add any more to my tie drawer. It includes a vast array of patterns and fabrics. Colors and widths. Weights and brands. Nonetheless, none of my neckties are bespoke. Meaning all of my neckties are mass-produced and shipped to the public for purchasing consumption. With a bespoke offering, everything is custom to a gentleman’s specifications. Today, we sit down with Gianni Cerutti, co-founder of Passaggio Cravatte. A small operation located on the outskirts of Milan, Passaggio Cravatte only makes bespoke neckties. Mr. Cerutti was kind enough to share a few words on the bespoke process and what makes a custom-made necktie so damn exquisite. Enjoy the read. Continue reading

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