The Standard #46

Because, upon discovering himself in the midst of uncertainty and disquiet, the confident gentleman understands that indecision cannot be an absolute decision. This is exactly where I discovered myself, as a supervisor, this month at my place of employment. Over the course of two years, it has been an enlightening, humbling experience wrought with anxiety, stress, and self-doubt. At times, finally feeling a self-assured comfort with my leadership abilities, and other times, arrested by a sense of failure and inadequacy within my profession. However, when confronted with extenuating circumstances on a myriad of fronts, the definitive, resolute decision-making of a leader was required, and I would either excel or succumb to my professional fears. As reason and logic stood in ambiguous contrast with emotion and empathy, only prayer and deep meditation could grant sound thinking and measured action. And in the end, I was the leader that I had difficulty embracing. Sometimes, the Lord allows tribulation to have a season to reveal self-assured abilities, integrity, and character within oneself in the face of debilitating self-doubt. Faith is trusting the Lord even when life’s challenges are perplexing and burdens appear too heavy to bear. You are the leader that you know you are; trust in Him and fortify yourself in His strength.

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  1. Hey Glen,

    Please forgive the informal greeting. I’ve been reading your blog for nearly 10 years and I consider you a mentor of sorts.

    I just wanted to say this post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’ve recently been promoted to supervisor at my place of employment while simultaneously taking on a leadership role with the youth department at my church.

    Finding myself in these leadership positions has brought on a lot of concern, anxiety, and a great deal of self doubt. Even though I know I have the skills and training to do the work, my mind has a way of trying to make me believe I will fall short.

    So I thank you for the reminder today to place my trust in God. It reminds me that not only did he put me in these positions, but he will help me rise to the occasion.

    Thank you sir, for sharing this with me and the rest of your readership.


  2. Hey Aaron,

    Thank you so much for the kind words, and it blows my mind that you have hung with me and this blog for 10 years. That is so much appreciated. Positions leadership can definitely be overwhelming, as the responsibility for other people can be numbing and certainly give rise to second-guessing our abilities. But there are learning opportunities every step of the way, even when we make mistakes.Stay positive, and yes, you are where you are because you have been put in position by God to serve a great purpose. Keep doing what you are doing and stay blessed.


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