Gent Hints – PreShave Oil – Olive Oil

Olive OilFor those select gentlemen that require the usage of a razor with some regularity, the mastery of wielding a sharpened blade against one’s skin is a delicate operation. The operation can be a perfectly executed, boring routine; or plans could go seriously awry and leave said gentleman bleeding profusely over his bathroom sink. Trust, on one occasion, I nicked my scalp pretty good in the shower, and the subsequent gore required a Band-Aid on the back of my head like Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction. So, any sound advice that can be procured from varying sources to prevent a duplication of the events that day is much appreciated. And so, today’s wise counsel is courtesy of gentleman reader Henry Minton.

On a previous Gent Hint, Mr. Hinton was kind enough to point out that even with the beneficial, redeeming qualities of pre-shave oil; replenishing one’s stock could be relatively expensive. As an alternative, Mr. Minton suggested grape seed oil as a less costly option. Now, I had the sincerest intentions to try grape seed oil as pre-shave oil, but I discovered a hidden stash of olive oil tucked away in a bathroom cabinet, most likely courtesy of my wife. Anyway, I substituted the olive oil for grape seed oil, all with the hopes of attaining the same results as with a more expensive, brand name pre-shave oil.

Well, I am here to report that olive oil could be one the best skin care products absent from your shaving essentials. Yes, it provides an excellent protective, lubricated barrier between your razor blade and skin. Yes, it is loaded with skin-friendly antioxidants such as vitamin E to combat wrinkles, aging, and inflammation. Yes, it functions as a great moisturizer, perfect for dry or extra-dry skin. And finally, yes, it is far less expensive than many popular brands on the market – especially when accounting for the quantity contained in a standard bottle. If you don’t have a bottle of olive oil stocked in your bathroom, I humbly recommend a visit to your local supermarket to procure a bottle.

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  1. Glen, I’ve tried this twice now and I must admit: this was a hot ass tip because these last two shaves have been two of the smoothest, most pleasurable I can ever remember. Much appreciated!

    Also, I see that Bevel is going to be offered a la carte at Target stores very soon. I think I’ll finally give them a chance now that the subscription method isn’t mandatory. I’m also interested in their trimmer, as I do my own lineup. The price-point, like all their products, is quite high ($180 for the trimmer) but the reviews have been so positive and the intention so laudable I feel it’s time to give the brotha a shot.

    Much thanks for what you do here,



    • Glad the tip helped. That olive oil really does soften the skin and help with the shaving. I did peep that Bevel is going to be in select Target stores, which I always maintained was the way to go instead of locking people into a subscription. Hopefully that won’t affect prices with Target in the mix. I would be willing to give the trimmer a shot, but that price tag is steep. I’ve gathered opinions for the pro and con aspects, I may have to write about it.


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