Happy New Year – Yes, I’m a Little Late

IMG_3144So, here we are 12 days deep into the new year of 2016, and I have been remiss in my duties of wishing the reading audience a happy new year. To that I offer a sincere apology – happy new year everyone. And although I can present a myriad of viable explanations regarding my absence, I am absent a credible excuse that hindered my capabilities of powering up my laptop and wishing my readers festive holiday cheer. Nevertheless, at the present moment, I would like to bring everyone up to speed with what is going on in my life. My little angel, Ava, is growing like a weed and has newly discovered the art of the temper tantrum. Sleep is still hit or miss, but not nearly as exhausting as the early months of her infancy. Naps in my car during lunchtime has slowed down a bit – thank goodness. Random: The picture above is a post-Santa moment I snapped of Ava; it makes the sleepless nights worth it.

Now, with regards to my employment situation; having settled into my promoted role at work, I have grown as a leader within my team, and I have granted serious contemplation regarding moving into a management role. Historically, I have never fancied myself as management, rather I am most comfortable in the trenches with my fellow colleagues on the floor. However, I feel I have outgrown my current role, and I am embracing the challenge of spurning my personal growth. Advancing my career to the next level will certainly be challenging and definitely a little frightful, but complacency and stagnation cannot be an option this new year. Stay tuned and hopefully I can share some exciting news in the weeks to come.

Lastly, I launched a community initiative during the month of December that I branded as Groomed for Greatness. The mission: to provide grooming & hygiene packages to the underserved and at-risk male population. Now, you may be asking: Why just the male population? Well, given that my expertise lies within the realm of male grooming & style, I have chosen to stay in my lane and help individuals in an area of my strengths. And so with the help of various vendors, friends, and work colleagues; I was able to procure an astounding amount of male toiletries for donation to the South Oakland Shelter near my home. I plan on expanding on this community initiative and providing assistance to other agencies in my area. More to come, so stay tuned. So, yes, I have been a little busy with family, work, my program, and maintaining a consistent schedule of writing enjoyable blog content. This year is going to be a busy one; I fully expect the gray in my beard to grow more and more plentiful. Nonetheless, it will be worth it.

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