Brotherly Love – Idris Elba

Idris ElbaThe change is unmistakably different, a distant departure from routine covers of scantily clad models, the September issue of Maxim intends to appeal the masculine tastes of a polished gentlemanly audience. Not by entreating the senses with lust-inducing imagery, no, instead Maxim breaks historical protocol and features the epitome of what many consider of brooding sophistication – Idris Elba. And yes, he is the first male to ever grace the cover of Maxim, as the magazine redirects its focus to more refined, cultured material and less on the gratuitous showcase of the female anatomy, which served as pleasing eye-candy, but did not do much in terms of educating the audience regarding style and culture. So, congratulations Mr. Elba for being chosen as representation of Maxim’s reinvention and redirection. Smooth. Stylish. Self-assured.

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