Brotherly Love – Samuel L. Jackson – The Rake Magazine

samuel l jacksonSure, on a superficial level, Samuel L. Jackson gracing the cover of Rake Magazine may appear as business per usual to the general public. However, from the perspective of an African-American male, namely my own, this cover represents something more powerful than its elementary purpose. Due to its dearth in the mainstream media, the illustration of the black male, regaled in style and distinction, is always a welcome sight. That being stated, I wanted to list a few personal thoughts on contemporary style choices that stand in contrast to the illustration above. Caveat: These are just one elder gentleman’s opinion that has to dress in the business world. So if these statements don’t apply, then let it fly. Nevertheless, some gentlemen are out here doing too much.

  • Nowadays, some gentlemen are compelled to engage in an orgy of accessory adornment; it really is not necessary. Less is certainly more. If you find yourself rocking 6-7 bracelets on one or both wrists – you’re doing too much.
  • In recent years, the endorsement of the skinny or slim aesthetic has pervaded the gentlemanly landscape of style, and the results have been pretty much hit or miss. Some men are simply going too small and the presentation just isn’t working. Thankfully this trend is shrinking – pun intended – and style is gravitating back to clothing that fit appropriately. If you’re shopping in the boy’s section for a pair of jeans that “fit” – you’re doing too much.
  • Style is all about freedom of personal expression through the medium of clothing. However, if all of a sudden, you decide to rock a woman’s blouse or dress just to appear edgy – you’re doing too much.
  • Sometimes a gentleman will have to reach a little deeper into his wallet than desired to procure a stylish item. However, if you are purchasing a myriad of designer brands with no rhyme or reason, no purpose or cohesion – you’re doing too much.
  • Tattoos are fine. Hell, I have tattoos. However, tattoos on one’s face is – with all due respect – ridiculous. If your employment prospects are severely hindered because you look like a serial killer awaiting execution – you’re doing too much with the face tats brother.
  • If you are a gentleman of a certain age, say, 35 years or older; dressing like the latest hip hop, one hit wonder is not in your best interest. The wrinkles, receding hairline, and grey hairs belie your youthful, hip hop attire. From one aging gentleman to another, we’re not Jay Z – you’re doing too much.
  • Midnight blue toe polish. Cherry red lipstick. The arches at McDonald’s have nothing on the arc of your eyebrows. Dear sir – you have done way too much.

3 responses

  1. I was thinking about trying some of that crazy fashion wear. Thank you, for your wisdom. It brought me back to reality.

    Steven in Austin


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