Black Thought

Frederick Douglas“Believe in yourself; take advantage of every opportunity; and use the power of spoken and written language to effect positive change for society and yourself.”

-Frederick Douglass

The most wonderful thing about authoring a blog is it allows an individual to project a voice that otherwise may not be heard or recognized. I blog because I strongly feel that I have something constructive, positive to share; and I also enjoy writing and interacting with the reading audience. Now, let us be perfectly candid, there is a bevy of warm garbage circulating around on the Internet right now. Some of these individuals who write need their laptops and computers immediately confiscated and discarded into the nearest incinerator. Words should have a meaning. Words should have a purpose. Instead of adding to the gluttony of mindless, destructive Internet banter; choose to use your voice as an instrument that imparts wisdom, uplifts the spirit, and encourages thoughtful dialogue. And you can certainly have fun doing so. Right now, the landscape is wide open, anyone can create a website nowadays. If you just happen to be that one, just ensure that you add something positive to the conversation. We have more than enough trash out there, please don’t add to the pile.

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